Spoilers: Funko’s Walmart Black Friday Mystery Box

Tyson B. from http://www.toyboxone.com with news on Funko’s WALMART (not so) Mystery boxes.



I wonder why Funko calls it a “mystery” box and then do a spoiler video telling everyone what is in it.  My theory is that they are all the same, unlike last year’s Gamestop boxes.  The Walmart ones are DC themed and you can check out the screen grabs below.   They will be available in select stores and at walmart.com starting November 21st.  I didn’t pick up what the retail price is, but I am guessing $20-$25 range.  Oh, and they will all come shrink wrapped, so no peeking.

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8 Responses to Spoilers: Funko’s Walmart Black Friday Mystery Box

  1. I wish i could get one of these in Australia

  2. David Bitterbaum says:

    Soooo, worth grabbing if I’m at Walmart on Black Friday trying to grab some other assorted deals? Yes? No?

  3. Louie says:

    Omg they made a batman!! 😉 this really is a good deal for $20. I’m actually going for the GameStop box.hoping I’ll get lucky and get one of the golden chases

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