Whisperers and Alpha on Walking Dead Season 7

Back in August, we mentioned a casting call that went out and asked the question if Alpha was coming soon to The Walking Dead TV show. You can see the full post here to read up on the gory details. New details have come to light that show the Whisperers could be coming to The Walking Dead this month and Alpha (could Beta be far behind) are coming to The Walking Dead TV show in February.

Get your Walking Dead #130 (First Whisperers) and Walking Dead #132 (first Alpha) for sale if this current leak/rumor is true.

The synopsis on IMDB for episode 7.6 called Swear, has the group meeting a mysterious new group. Harmless enough, right?

However, the synopsis for episode 7.8, called Heart Still Beating, states the Whisperers attack Alexandria….

Finally, episode 7.10 in February, which states, well you can see it below.

Now the one caveat to all this is if IMDB users are able to add show plot synopsis to IMDB descriptions. If that is the case then what Scott Gimple said in an interview with CinemaBlend might not be misdirection.

If we’ve gotten this far without saying anything about them, I’d like the audience to discover this group when it’s on screen. I will say … I mean, it’s not the Whisperers. I will also say, though, that it’s not impossible that the Whisperers could come along or aspects of them could come along earlier than the timeline of the book, but certainly not this early.


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14 Responses to Whisperers and Alpha on Walking Dead Season 7

  1. john dye says:

    Issue 100 of walking dead isn’t catching any love. Some books can b picked up at cover. So idk about 130 or 132. Hmmm.

    • Anthony says:

      second print has as has the signed Lucile edition. So many covers for 100 could be a boon

    • agentpoyo says:

      I’m happy with the 2nd prints I was able to off load.. But yeah, there was plenty of number 100 to go around, so give it time, supplies have to dry up more while demand sticks around.

  2. Shines says:

    If true, this would seem to indicate the show creators want to maybe get ahead ofcthe comics and go there own way.
    It also seems though like an AWFUL lot of stuff going on, a ton of characters being thrown at the viewers.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I’m not buying the Whisperers yet. They could do a quick glimpse but yeah, Negan himself is a good solid two seasons.. if they can drag out the Governor for 2 seasons, they could drag out Negan for longer, he’s more likable than the governor was.

      I don’t think they want to surpass the comics but maybe catch up.. .then they could slow the pace down with more story line and not have to jump around so much. I do agree, they have a lot going on, I hate the jumping back and forth.. it would be better if they jumped back and forth in smaller chunks instead of this.. at the Kingdom for an entire episode.. or at the Hilltop for an entire episode.. that crap drives me nuts.

  3. Alana says:

    I have 15 copies of 130 so bring on the whisperers

  4. They did tease the existence of Negan pretty early, so they could do the same with the Whisperers; but I don’t see full-on involvement of the Whisperers like these synopses imply. IMDB is user-edited, so they do tend to end up with misinformation that isn’t vetted before being posted. These descriptions will likely change before the episodes air.

  5. Howie says:

    I personally feel many of these firsts are already doing what they are going to do. People were buying 108s at a premium and you can now buy them for less after Ezekial actually appeared than when he was speculated and then cast. Plus we’re going to be fast approaching the over saturated issues quite quickly.

    In short, I think the TWD gravy train is coming to it’s last stop.

  6. Matt Riley says:

    Too early imo

    • Anthony says:

      I agree. But what I am wondering, in all honestly, is how long the Walking Dead train can go for. 7 years in at this point. They will keep going while the ratings are good, I am sure, but i imagine they are trying to get in as many stories as they can so that they can move to the end game. How many years do you all think the show will honestly go for? 7 years is a pretty big run for any show.

  7. Anthony says:

    Well. Thanks to CBR for running a post that mentions the rumor I mentioned last night without mentioning the site where the rumor originated. If you are on Facebook let them know to give credit where it is due. https://m.facebook.com/comicbookdotcom/

  8. A. King says:

    I think it’s too early also for the Whispers. I think that they can stretch out the Negan storyline for at least 2 or 3 seasons(which I think is too long ). That’s the only thing I don’t like about the show is it moves so slow.

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