Variant Envy: Dollface #1 Elias Chatzoudis Variant

One book I have been big on since the Kickstarter (which the rewards will be shipping soon) is Dollface. Dollface is from Dan Mendoza who created Zombie Tramp. So far only one other store variant has been announced and that came out of the Kickstarter campaign. Here is a beautiful cover by Elias Chatzoudis.

Zombie Tramp and Mendoza have a good following and the early issues go for good money. Mendoza started a new series that had the characters first appearance in the Dollface Diamond Retailers Summit Variant, followed by the FCBD giveaway, and then the Local Comic Shop Day Variant.

I digress, this cover by Elias Chatzoudis is beautiful and is limited to 500 copies. You can pre-order them <a href=here.


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13 Responses to Variant Envy: Dollface #1 Elias Chatzoudis Variant

  1. Simon Payne says:

    link to buy doesn’t work 😦

  2. Smitty9729 says:

    Click the artist’s name.

  3. David Bitterbaum says:

    I was gonna comment about the link as well but see it is corrected. Hooray!

  4. Alana says:

    Can’t buy anything from comicxsposure they screwed my 3 last orders.

  5. A. King says:

    This is a good looking cover, but I think I am going to pass I have heard a lot of stories (not good) about ComicXposure lately. I am going to be spec’ing hard on this series.

  6. Louie says:

    Looks awesome!

  7. jclu007 says:

    I had a bad experience with comicxposure with my last two orders. I had to go to my credit card company to get my money back. Luckily, their customer service was non existent when my credit company tried to reach them, and my complaint against them was undisputed, which helped expedite getting my cash back. I refuse to buy from them again.

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