Venom #1 Spoilers

Venom #1 is out tomorow 11/23/16. Here are you spoilers. Click the spoiler protected image to see the panels in question. It is sold out at Diamond Comics Distribuitors. (While a books  may be old out at the distributor level, this does not mean you will not be able to find it in stores, it means your store will not be able to order more first print copies.)

The new Venom in Venom #1 is a new first appearance. A quick search for the name shows no previous appearances (however you know how characters always end up in back panels of other books eventually.) However, since this is a new first appearance, it should make the Frankie’s Comics Dell’Otto Variant even more interesting.


Here we meet the man destine to be the new Venom.


We learn he is a former Army Ranger and combat wounded vet who has some struggles.


The previously released image showing a homeless man being possessed by Venom, previously rumored to be Cogliostro from the Neil Gaiman run of Spawn, but now confirmed as not Venom.


In fact, the Venom Symbiote doesn’t like the taste of him.


Anyway, our new Venom took one of Mac Gargan’s jobs and it doesn’t seem to be going well


Until the symbiote arrives.

And bonds


Our new Venom takes advantage of the situation.


And looks to be angling himself for something bigger than just a costumed villain.



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15 Responses to Venom #1 Spoilers

  1. Can’t wait for the Dell’otto secret set to arrive!

  2. Ed says:

    Was going to flip my Dell’otto, but starting to think I might hold it.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Nope, I’d flip’em if I had them. These special sets and variants seem to drop in price very quickly. Unless Venom becomes the best selling book overnight and creates a huge fan base.. I’m only expecting the variants to start hot, but sizzle quickly.

  3. Junior says:

    flip that shit i get that it has a first appearance which now makes it a more worthwhile comic. Do yourself a favor and buy a asm 300 with your profit. I can assure you that 300 will always be more desirable then that new #1 which i bet we’ll get another next year ;p

    • Anthony says:

      I say if you like the cover, keep the color and flip the other two. Buy the ASM 300! that’s the blue chip, however, I can see the Dell’Otto secret spiking in price.

      On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 2:58 PM, COMICSHEATINGUP.NET wrote:


  4. Junior says:

    I can too. I look at comics like stocks always move foward if you made a profit awesome! I don’t look back at what I could of made more often then not you get burned by holding. “Moderns”

  5. The market has definitely picked back up. A few days ago the secret sets were selling for $235, but they’re back up to $300+. I know of an ASM 300 9.4 for $250…hmm.

    • Natevegas says:

      That’s because people are fickle. No way a modern Venom 1 should ever be worth more than a ASM 300 and the #1 is temporary until the next #1 in about 8-12 issues from now IMO.

      • ASM 252, 299, and 300 are the definitive holy trinity of Venom first appearances. From there you can start grabbing your Secret Wars 8s and your Web of Spider-man 1s, but yeah, modern variants should not be competitive with the uncontested origins of the character.

        It’s a market force that can’t be sustained.

      • Simon Payne says:

        Hey there Nate, not spoke since back in the day on cbj! (talktoofast)

  6. Just dropped in my LCS today and locked down the McFarlane sketch variant for cover. Looking forward to non-spoiling this read tomorrow!

  7. Natevegas says:

    Waves back (talktoofast)! I’m on there every now and then. lol

  8. ramsnation55 says:

    I found ASM #298, #299 & #300 in a dollar bin the other day, Score!!

  9. emiobeg says:

    I also secure my 1 per store McFarlane sketch variant. Let’s hope it arrives undamaged

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