Poyo's Picks for November 23, 2016

You know what’s better than spending time with the family and eating lots of turkey? New comic book day. Forget Thursday, this Wednesday is bound to be better with lots of new comics hitting the shelves. Yeah, you heard me, new comic book day is like Christmas every week. Where you get to go treat yourself with all the crap you don’t really need but you really need it or your life feels empty.  So go buy those comic books, pick up a few extra, some titles you wouldn’t necessarily pick up. You deserve it.
DC/Vertigo Pick
Vigilante Southland #2 (DC) – The first issue was a great read, really want to see where this is going.

Frostbite #3 (Vertigo) – I like Williamson. Yes, this is a good book. Check it out if you haven’t done so already.

Marvel Pick
Venom #1 (Marvel) – There is nothing really standing out this week for Marvel except this one, Venom. Let’s just hope it’s not a let down. I can go either way with Mike Costa, he can be great or a great dud. From what Tony showed it looked good, but we will wait and see.

Anyone going for that McFarlane variant?
Indie Pick of the Week
AD After Death Book 1 (Image) – Scott Snyder + Jeff Lemire = Possible awesomeness.

That’s it. Feel free to eat as much turkey as you can. Drink all the beer so you can tolerate the in-laws on Thursday (if you have in-laws, consider yourself one of the intelligent ones if you don’t)..

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