Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 35

Blind Adam is a Blind Comic dealer in the New York and New Jersey Area, and yes, he is 90% blind. We are running two lists this week just to catch up. We have missed out on a week or two. This is a bonus Pre-Thanksgiving list.

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone for reading this each and every week. Thank you Anthony for allowing me to play in your awesome and amazing sandbox.

Before we talk comic books. I want to make four quick observations

1. I still think red bull is the greatest drink ever made, but they need to bring back Jolt Cola as it was the red bull of the day.

2. I am loving Gotham this season. Mad Hatter is just a fun ride. Not sure about Penguin and Riddler but still a fun show.

3. Why couldn’t Marvel wait for Civil War II to end before putting out Infamous Iron Man #1 decent story but fed up a major plot from a major event nice job marvel.

4. WTF is up with the unsold CBS 1997 Justice League of America pilot. It featured Fire, Ice and the worst live action Flash ever. Just have a few beers and give it a watch. The Crypt Keeper as Ray Palmer. Seriously, WTF?

This is a bonus pre-Thanksgiving list. Now, lets make some money on some comics because you can’t teach that

1. Swamp Thing #171 – Mark Millar had a #awesomesauce run on Swamp thing. This is the final issue of this run. Low printed and just so much fun to read – $10

2.  Wonder Woman #600 – remember when legacy numbering ment something? I don’t understand why DC didn’t return Wonder Woman to it’s legacy numbering with rebirth. The regular cover first print to #600 shouldn’t be forgetten. It has a great introduction by Linda Carter and this is the only time linda carter has done something for a comic book to my knowledge and her Supergirl cameo was awesome $15-20

3. Wonder Woman #1 WB Studios Tour Water Tower Edition – this variant was given out to people that took the studio tour in California. It is a cool variant and is difficult to track down. Maybe we should do a fieldtrip. Take the tour, see the Animaniacs and get this as a freebie, if it is still being given out. $30

4 . The Flash #122 (Silver Age) – as anyone who reads this knows, I am a big fan of the CW shows, with the Flash being my favorite. Well The Top made the show, but why did they change The Top to a female on the show? This is the first Top.  Snag the grade you can afford and wait for more Top on the show $20 and up

5.  Image Plus #1-6 – this storline tells the origin of that bat weilding psycho Negan.  Still need to watch Season Seven Episode 1.  So no spoilers in the comments please. Compared to Walking Dead #100 this is so cheap $5-10

6. CBLDF Liberty Annual 2011 – Kevin Smith story, Frank Quitely sketch cover, what’s not to love in this CBLDF Annual $5-10

7.  Fantastic Force #1 (2008 series) – this is the first appearance of the Old Man Logan timeline Hulk. Don’t ask how, google it. But I stand by this this is the first Old Man Logan timeline and it predates Wolverine #66 and is in dollar boxes. On a side note, issue #2 has a sexy Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch Bryan Hitch cover, and issue #3 has a misprint variant.

8. Batman Little Gotham #1 – this is just a fun book. Plus it is a Harley Quinn appearance that was low printed and all that. $10 and below

9. Marvel Must Haves #4 Remarked Variant – Marvel Must Haves is a must for reprint collectors. Great cheap way to find tough modern gems. This reprints Amazing Spiderman #36 the 911 issue. This also has a remarked head sketch of Spidey on the back and is limited to around 1,000 copies happy hunting

10. Marvel Must Haves #3 and 4 – X-23 is on fire. These Marvel Must Haves reprint the NYX mini series from #1-6 and are cheap like $25 each. cheap happy hunting

11. Spidey Super Stories #22 – before there was Batman Adventures, before there was kids comics featuring DC Animated stuff, there was this… of all things, Electric Company Spiderman stuff. This issue has a early guest appearance by Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers. These Spidey Super Stories issues are tough in high grade $10

12. TMNT #68 Rhode Island Comic-Con Variant – mentioned by Anthony a few weeks ago, this is the winner for Rhode Island exclusives this year. If anyone wants one autographed by Kevin Eastman, leave me a comment in the comment section below as I will be there. I like this cover $10-20

13. Wizard the Guide to Comics #18 – this has a sweet Spiderman/Venom/Carnage cover. Early issues of wizard do well at conventions and on eBay. Venom is gaining steam again with the new series.$5-10

14. Unbelievable Gwen-pool #1 J. Scott Campbell Paris Comic-Con Variant – I like Gwenpool, she makes me laugh. This is a combo of Gwenpool, J. Scott Campbell, and a rare Paris Convention variant all wrapped into one. Happy hunting.

15. Rhode Island Comic Con Exclusive Pop Stealth Armor Iron Man – OK not a comic book, but a really cool Funko pop of Shellhead in his blue stealth armor $30-60 (and if anyone needs one leave a comment in the comment section below)

16. Ultimate Spiderman #33 – With all the Venom love, why is the first Ultimate Venom so damn cheap. $1-5

17. Secret Wars #7 ComicXposure Variant – This one has it all; it is a cheap grab, features Venom, Carnage, and Anti-Venom, and has art by Dell’Otto. The Frankie’s Dell’Otto’s are blowing up, but here is a cheap PC alternative.

18. Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows #4 1:25 Dell’Otto Variant – Speaking of cheap Dell’Otto Cover, this 1:25 variant. How the heck can this cover sell for less than $10?? With an estimated print run (based on sales) of 84,000 copies, there are only about 3,500 copies of this one out there.

19.  Action Comics #1 Superman Peanut Butter Reprint  –  WTF, they made Superman Peanut Butter. Kind of remember it from when I was a kid, but I didn’t realize that the food had a reprint comic book promotion and it goes for decent money on ebay $50-100

20. Ninjak #12 – can someone please tell Jason David frank he can’t act. A Ninjak youtube show really, well…. this is the last issue of the Acclaim Ninjak series $10-20

21.  Ninjak #1 Valiant – this can still be found in dollar boxes, just dig through them. It does have a sweet chrome cover. Even if the Bloodshot cover was a better chrome cover $1-10 and Jason david frank can’t act

22.  Pasty Walker Hellcat #11 Cosplay Variant – D.J. Spider has a nice cosplay cover to Hellcat. I want more Hellcat cosplay… um I need a cosplayer, a Hellcat costume, and a camera… wow, I have a camera so one down, two to go. In general, Marvel needs to stop cosplay and hip-hop covers

23.  Uncanny X-Men 221 So Much Fun Variant – I think I am going to start buying all the So Much Fun Variants. I didn’t realize how rare these were in the wild and they go for decent money on eBay. Features the first Mr. Sinister. Nuff said. Logan will own march for movies $10 and up

24. Crisis on Infinite Earths #10 – Death of Silver Age Mirror Master. The Flash TV show does the villains right. I only wish they gave David Cassidy a cameo they way they did Mark Hamill. But I digress, Sam Scudder is the bomb and this is his death $5

once again thank you guys for everything . thank you to Anthony for
allowing me to write this. thank you guys for reading this. thanks to
the speculating family for allowing me to be a part of it I love you

now as I fade away I find myself obseleate
blind adam out


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  1. OCguy72 says:

    Two hidden gems in one week? Awesome!

    • Anthony says:

      I had an extra un published one from missing a week. Adam puts a lot of effort into them so I had to run them. He actually just sent me this weekends one as well

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  2. Louie says:

    Another great write up! And I fully agree about jolt, used to love that stuff. Bring it back!!

  3. Dane says:

    Need another edition of this soon

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