Free Comic Black Friday: Dark Knight III #1 M and M Comics Variant

To end the night for Black Friday I am giving away another Variant for the week. This one is sponsored by M and M Comics. Up for Grabs tonight (winner to be picked Sunday Night) is Dark Knight III Master Race #1 M and M Comics Variant (with an added bonus thrown in for the winner.)

One winner will get the M and M Comics Variant for Dark Knight III The Master Race #1 and at least one bonus variant thrown in for good measures.



Make sure to check out M and M Comics for the sweet set of Justice League VS Suicide Squad set that went up for pre order today (no, they are not a part of the giveaway).

Rules are same as always:

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Winner drawn at random and will be announced on the site
  3. Enter your name below in the comment section.
  4. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.
  5. Winners in the US get free shipping, people out of the US agree to chip in for shipping (I am not made of money.)

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