New Mutants Details: Villain and Additional Characters Revealed

Hope everyone is having a good holiday. Trying to get back on track with some of the news that came out yesterday, in this case, New Mutants News. The “Big Bad” has been let out via animatics that were released for the movie, as well as, some characters that have not been mentioned before. 

The animatic, from, shows off the main villain will be The Demon Bear from the awesome story line The Demon Bear Saga. While this may sound a little silly, it is actually a great story and one of the best, and most underrated, X-Men Stories. The Demon Bear Saga runs through New Mutants #18, #19, #20. The first appearance being New Mutants #3 (in hallucination) and first full appearance in New Mutants #18.

One previously unannounced character, who is a fan favorite amongst New Mutant fans, is the dragon Lockheed. Lockheed can be seen on the shoulder of Magick in the animatic and first appears in Uncanny X-Men #166





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  1. Alana says:

    I’m not so sure the bear is going to be the main villain, I’m betting Black Queen Selene and they can tie New Mutants to X force with that villain.

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