Free Comic Wednesday: Archie Mega Pack

Thanks to M and M Comics for sponsoring Free Comic Wednesday: The Riverdale Trailer just dropped. In honor of it we are giving away an Archie Mega Prize pack of three Variant Covers. Check them out below:

Dave Dorman matching set of Archie #1 and Betty and Veronica #1

Plus, the Chris Forman ASM 300 Variant Homage


Three Archie M and M Comics Variants up for grabs to one winner.

Also, check out M and M Comics’s website for more great variants like this one (not included in the contest): a sweet set of Justice League VS Suicide Squad set that went up for pre order (again,no, they are not a part of the giveaway).

Rules are same as always:

  1. No purchase necessary. But stop byM and M Comics
  2. Winner drawn at random and will be announced on the site
  3. Enter your name below in the comment section.
  4. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.
  5. Winners in the US get free shipping, people out of the US agree to chip in for shipping (I am not made of money.)

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