New Comic Release Video for 11/30/16

Terry Hoknes from usually releases a New Comic Spotlight video each week. This week, Terry did something different. He got in touch with me on Skype to talk about some of the new releases. Here are the new comics we discussed that are released 11/30/16:


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2 Responses to New Comic Release Video for 11/30/16

  1. jclu007 says:

    Hey, Tony, I see you ended up with a Venom B&W after you said you had passed on it last week. What’s the story there?

    • Anthony says:

      I went back to the store. He still had it. It is selling for $150 on eBay. Said I could have it for $60. I looked it over and it is pretty minty. I purchased it. Just got it yesterday. Good eye spotting it in the back ground

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