Star Wars Dr Aphra #1 review and spoilers

Dr Aphra #1, out tomorrow, picks up on the action after where Darth Vader #25 leaves off.

The book itself is a fun read with Aphra out on another adventure. She steals an artifact and is off trying to sell it, where the actual trouble begins. Dr Aphra #1 does introduce a new character, which I suspect will be around for a while.

An example of the humor used in the issue is spotlighted in the scene below.

Now on to the spoilers.

As I was saying, Dr Aphra runs into trouble trying to sell the artifact. Here there seems to be a name confusion.


Looks like she has gotten into a bit of trouble.


Seems Aphra’s checkered past has caught up to her.



And the new character is the reason why.



Depending on how long the new character sticks around, and from the nature of him I imagine he will be around the series for a while, it might not be a bad idea to check out the lower printed variants including the Frankie’s Comics Variants, Brain Trust Variants, or the One Per Store.


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    Unless you have the full issue for me to read in advance, no talky until tomorrow, Tony!

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