Variant Envy: Hulk #1 More Great Art / Hall

My buddy Mike A. (The Greek) from More Great Art let me know about these awesome Ed McGuinness Hulk #1 Variants that have all the elements of a winner. They were done in collaboration with Hall of Comics. They can be ordered from either site. (They have signed and prescreened 9.8 options available too).

Featuring She Hulk fighting X-23 Wolverine (she is apparently popular) along with the Popcorn version with Deadpool eating popcorn on Wendigo’s back, these variants are awesome. Featuring an homage to Wolverine 181, and considering how well other homage variants have done (Betty And Veronica #1 and Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Uncivil War Coloring Book I am looking at you), this could be a knock out.




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10 Responses to Variant Envy: Hulk #1 More Great Art / Hall

  1. Bill says:

    Whereas I really like this… and very much wanted to purchase the trio; this 3000/1500/500 recent trend for what is now often close to $100, routinely, really does price people out. That’s not just these 3 comics but many other 3000/1500/500 sets. I typically will only purchase the 3000 ltd issue

  2. Mac says:

    Well the Best cover is Cover A which doesn’t have Deadpool on it and is the cheapest at $14.99

  3. Philippe Brault says:

    Got mine.

    Posted about these variants earlier on another variant envy and my post was deleted for some reason.

    • Anthony says:

      Wasn’t deleted, had a story that was in the works so it got moderated util I could get the post out and linked up

      • Philippe Brault says:

        Ah! Makes sense 🙂

      • Anthony says:

        Yeah. I did respond and don’t know if you got the message or not. But I moderated the comment as I had half a post already written. I have known Mike The Greek from MGA for a while and he told me about this one a while ago. He sent me over the art and I was trying to get it on the site but work sometimes pushes my own deadlines back.

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    • Philippe Brault says:

      No problem! Just glad everyone manages to get one before these get sold out 🙂

  4. Admiral Snackbar says:

    awesome, thanks for this post. i loves me a cover swipe, especially hulk 181. and now there’s the matter of acquiring the actual hulk 181 someday…

  5. Mike Deponte says:

    Only 533 cover A’s left not counting the graded stuff. Cover C is sold out.

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