Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 12/6/16

Each week hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some of those books reach that potential. We pick the ones we feel have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 12/7/16:
Returning Favorites
Black Science #26– Rick Remender is a favorite around here. this sprawling time/space epic just keeps getting better and better.
Cannibal #3– Southern Fried horror story that sets the zombie tale on its side. Viral Cannibalism… Awesome
Glitterbomb #4– Jim Zub is an amazing writer and this horror filled look at fame is a great read.
Moon Knight #9 As long as Jeff Lemire keeps pumping out odd and wonderful stories, I will keep reading. Not a small press book, but Lemire has small press sensibility to his writing.
Nailbiter #27– I have no idea why this hasn’t been made into a tv show. Joshua Williamson is really at the top of his game on this book.
Puppet Master #19– Full Moon Studios did some of the best shlock movies back in the day, Puppet Master was on of the greatest. Just have a love for the book as it keeps the feel of the movies.
New #1’s
Motor Crush #1 – New Image series. Sold out at Diamond. Had a big push for orders from Bleeding Cool (who claimed shops were not ordering because the main character is a non-white female.) Needless to say, if this takes off, the preview copies they have away at Baltimore will be the one to have.
Jim Henson’s Storyteller Giants #1 – Jim Henson Storytellers has been one of the best reader series in a while. Not going to be a huge grower on this but could be desirable for years to come.
Animosity #1 5th Print – the fifth and final Printing of #1 features a new cover sponsored by Frankie’s Comics and will probably have the lowest print run in the series. New art on it as I mentioned.
The One With the Walking and the Dead
Walking Dead #161– Still on every list because it still turns back issues into $10 books or more. And if the books themes, characters, or stories make it to the show than you can count on more.
Small Press Gem of the Week
Circle #1– I wish Action Lab got more love because they do put out great books. This one has such a great concept and the preview looks really good.

After his mother dies, Christian, a teenage boy, moves to Shell bay with his single father only to be bullied as the new kid at school. He finds friendship with the ‘Weird’ kids and unknowingly joins them in an occult ritual that allows a darkness to possess each of them. Through the help of his gypsy neighbor, Christian will learn that the only way he can reverse the ritual is by killing off his circle of friends before they kill him or before the darkness takes over his soul. One by one he will face them all, and in the end he will have to make the hardest decision of his young life.

The Pick of the Week
Atoll #1– Hunger Games meets The Shallows in this Tim Daniel written book. People are being kidnapped. They are taken to the Atoll where they are put in the water against a giant great white shark named Majesty. Can anyone survive, I hope not, bring on the carnage.

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      1. I just picked up a run of Nailbiter on eBay this past month, after hearing so many rave review comments about it here. I was surprised it wasn’t selling for more. I snagged a set with the whole series, up to the second-to-last-issue, for less than $2 per book. I previously read the Hack/Slash/Nailbiter one-shot, so I knew a little bit about the characters. I’ve only read the first few issues of the series, but so far it’s a great read!

    1. I have a ton of Nailbiter, just waiting for something to happen. If it ever gets a tv series I think it could rival the TWD.

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