Most Good Hobby CHU Exclusive Discount Codes and Giveaway!

Hey CHU readers!

It’s DrunkyWooky popping my head out of my traditional Kashyyk tree dwelling where I’ve been avoiding Rogue One spoilers like the plague! Having friends at ILM has its benefits AND drawbacks.

Why have I surfaced?! To hand out great deals!

Our friends at Most Good Hobby are running a 20% off discount on Darth Vader #25 General Tagge John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variants and EBAS variants!

Use the following discount codes at checkout:

“CHUTAGGE20” – 20% off coupon for the Tagge variants

“CHUEBAS20” – 20% off coupon for the EBAS variants

Both are good from now until 12/31/16. So if your Christmas presents suck, head on over to Most Good Hobby. Or go before in anticipation of sucky Christmas presents.

We’ll also be doing a couple Most Good Hobby Free Comic Wednesdays starting with tomorrow’s raffle of a set of one black and white and one color copy of Dawn McTeigue’s beautiful Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Most Good Hobby Exclusive Variant:

And now for your viewing pleasure, a gallery of Most Good Hobby Variants we love here at CHU:

image image-3image-4 image-2

That’s it for now! DrunkWooky out!


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  1. emiobeg says:

    Awesome!!! Now I can complete my Star Wars Action figure cover collection.

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    Jeff Walker

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