Spider-Man #10 Spoilers

Spider-Man #10 is in stores tomorrow.

The issues is a series of flashbacks for what will take place in the final chapter of Civil War II, Issue #8, which hasn’t been released yet…. So this spoils that issue too.

It starts with a vision from Ulysses that Spider-man  (Miles Morales) would kill Captain America. Miles goes to DC to talk to Cap.


Then what always happens when pissed off super heroes get together:


Turns out someone else was in DC too, protecting Miles


Two titans tussle for Miles:


And the finale to the issue, which was supposed to be the big reveal in Civil War II #8, but delays caused that to fall by the way side.



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9 Responses to Spider-Man #10 Spoilers

  1. agentpoyo says:

    Spoilers? Hardly, we knew this was coming after reading Infamous Ironman and piecing together other clues.. and unless they do something else shocking in Civil War II to end it.. they pretty much just ruined the damn story if you ask me by releasing these issues before the main story.

  2. Mark McAlister says:

    So in the grand scheme of things, will this be considered the Tony Stark “Death of” issue? Or will it still be “officially” Civil War II #8 or would it somehow be Infamous Iron Man #1?

    • Anthony says:

      This seems to be a flash back. My guess is C W 8

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yes, actual death occurs in CW8 more than likely.. at least the full sequence of events. But does he really die? He uploaded his conscious into a computer, his body might be dead but I’d consider him still alive and I’m sure he’ll get a physical real body back sooner or later.

      • Anthony says:

        I hear he returns in the body of a teenage boy. Oh wait…. they already did that years ago.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I thought he was already a teenager trapped in a grown mans body.

      • Mark McAlister says:

        When Vision rebuilds his wife and son Vin like he was doing at the end of Visiin #12, he will upload the consciousness of Tony Stark into Vin’s android body and we will have a new Marvel title:
        “Iron Brat”-Tony Stark returns, as Vision’s android child…and he has chores to do!

      • agentpoyo says:

        Sweet.. Iron Brat.. count me in.. cause… WE… DEMANDED IT! 😛

  3. Shawn Armstrong says:

    I really wish they would just scrap the entire universe and start over, again, again, again, but just one more time for real.

    We don’t need female versions of every damn character just to be more diverse. We don’t need two of every character floating around because one needs to be of a different ethnicity. We sure dont need someone to die and just comeback next week. we don’t want this crap. I’m all about new characters. I would love to see someone worth developing. It’s funny how these companies create something “ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT” just to be exactly the same, just female or black. If Cap dies, just let Sam be the new cap. Then, if you don’t like Sam as Cap and he died or just passed on the shield it would make it a stronger story.

    If you want comics that appeal to a broader audience, just create a universe worth caring about. Characters that are completely different just might find new readers. If a character has a chance at death in ever battle, people just might care more when they die. If Tony Stark dies….he dies. Then if Riri puts on the suit it would be cool. So if you want Tony back, don’t kill him off.

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