Themed Covers: Jaws

From time to time I get an emailed question that gets me off on a search that turns into a post. This was one of those ones I had to share. It deals with Jaws themed covers.

The question was from Jonathan G. Who is putting together a movie poster themed cover collection. He had asked about a Jaws themed Image Comics homage cover, he thought it was for Spread, but since I own (almost) every cover released for the Spread I knew the cover he was asking about was not for that series. But here are some kick-ass Jaws inspired homage covers.

The original poster:

The Homages: (let me know if you know one I am missing) 

Simpsons Comics #135 and Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #2

Heroes for Hire #5 Variant and Michael Turner’s Fathom Kiani #4 Retailer Incentive Variant

Spider-Man: Get Kraven #2 and Regular Show #9C

This one isn’t a comic cover but couldn’t pass up the image:


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11 Responses to Themed Covers: Jaws

  1. LOL at that Batman “cover”.

  2. Robert A Miller says:

    Nightcrawler mini series #2 and SPidey #16 are 2 Jaws homages i’ve found in the wild

  3. Shines says:

    Archie vs. Sharknado #1

    Also Cracked #131 & MAD #180 were Jaws parody covers too.

  4. John T. says:

    Funny how many Jaws parody covers there are when you look at them all together.

    There is also a great Star Wars Jawas t-shirt homage:

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