Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 12/21/16

Each week hundreds of new books hit the shelves, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we feel have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 12/21/16:

Returning Favorites
Animosity #4 – Some of the fervor has died down but still a consistently good book and a damn cool story.

Black Hood Season 2 #2 – I love this crime book. It has been a good read. Shame it doesn’t get more love, especially for its press accurate portrayal of Philadelphia.

Black Hammer #6 _ if you are not reading this book you are missing out. It is one of the best non-super hero super hero books on the market (make sense?) Great read and great art. Covers have been well done as well.

Fix #7 – Do you like funny stories about broken characters? I have a book for you then. One of the funniest reads on the market. Has performed well in the after market early on, get this book a movie deal and watch it explode.

The Mummy #2 – Hammer Horror in comic form. Funny, after seeing the new Universal Mummy trailer, you would think it was based on this book.

The Late Comer
4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #3 – Sure, there are a ton of good excuses why the book was late, however, late books has become an epidemic in Black Mask’s release schedule. Will fans still flock to it, or is it too late?

Reprint Worth Watching
Motor Girl #1 2nd print – Tiny print run on the first print, so you can expect a smaller one on the second print. Could be worth the $3.99 gamble. Worse case scenario you get a second print with great Terry Moore story and art.

Shipping Again
Tales from the Suicide Forest – This shipped out to stores last week but was severely allocated. This is the regular shipment and is a great horror read. (Got mine last week and love the original el Torres series)

New #1’s
Dead Inside #1 – New crime book from Dark Horse and creator John Arcudi. Dark Horse books do not always catch on but the preview reads well. Worth a look

Small Press Gem
Hookjaw #1 – While I have some problems with the story, mostly how the military is made to look a little dumb, it is still a cool book about great white sharks. Atoll and White have done well, so let’s see how this one does.

Pick of the Week
Divinity III #1 Stalinverse – The awesome superhero book from Valiant, Divinity, sets itself on its ear again, this time with a “else worlds” type story. Launching several offshoots to this so there will be a mini universe coming out of it. Fresh and original book with great art. Will it recapture the glory of the first series, not sure, but well worth the pick up. Sold out at TFAW already.


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5 Responses to Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 12/21/16

  1. A. King says:

    I didn’t pre-order Divinity this time like I did the first two. I like the concept it sounds interesting.

  2. Lonzilla says:

    Black Hood! I live in the neighborhood where the stories are based and yes it’s just as filthy, crime filled and dirty as it looks in the comic. It’s neat reading a book with places in it that I see every day, I know, New Yorkers get that with 99% of comics

  3. I’m annoyed as can be with Black Mask but I have “4 Kids” in my pull and I’ll keep paying for them as they come. I’ll be really hesitant to sign up for anything else from Black Mask however.

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