Poyo’s Picks for December 21st, 2016

Ho Ho Ho.. it’s that time of year again, where we buy all the stuff we usually buy every Wednesday anyways. So buy yourself some extra comics or statues this Wednesday, wrap them up, open them this weekend on Christmas and act surprised, cause that’s the great thing about the Holidays (just tell your significant other you thought they got it for you.) It’s not worshiping the changing of the seasons or the new year. It’s about getting a bunch of stuff we don’t really need but we want anyways.

So let the new comic book picks before Christmas begin..

DC/Vertigo Pick

Trinity #4 (DC) Clay Mann Variant Cover A – I’m picking this one just for the cover alone. Just a great cover for the trio that get the most press.

Marvel Pick

Gamora #1 (Marvel) – I like Gamora. I really like Esad Ribic art as well, I wish he as the primary artist but Marco Checchetto art is top notch as well. So I’m hoping to land his variant cover as well, which is pretty sweet. I’m looking forward to reading about the “Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy!”

Small Publisher Pick of the Week

Dead Inside #1 (Dark Horse) – First of all, I don’t think many know this from CHU but I love Law and Order. The original. I can watch that show a million times over, each episode and still be entertained. So when a comic claims that if you like Law and Order, of course it has my attention. So yes, I’m looking forward to this one since it’s also written by John Arcudi, who writes Rumble, which I think is underrated book and needs more credit to it’s name.

Indie Pick of the Week

Divinity III Stalinverse #1 (Valiant) – The other Divinity series were great. This one we should expect no less. There’s a new God, be prepared and welcome to Stalinverse.

That’s it from me. Everyone have some Happy Holidays.


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27 Responses to Poyo’s Picks for December 21st, 2016

  1. Jack says:

    Peter Panzerfaust series finale

    • agentpoyo says:

      Meh.. that series got Wiebe’d

    • Anthony says:

      yeah. I quit reading when the series dropped off for that big hiatus

      • agentpoyo says:

        I think I stuck around for a few issues, there were some big gaps though.. then it just vanished, like a fart in a car with the window down.. now we’ve been blessed with the final two issues in about a months time.. yeah, thanks, but no thanks at this point. I got my closure around a year ago when I decided to just stop bothering..

  2. Shines says:

    Can’t complain about PP too much, I sold my #1 back when the heat was on it. Had a nice weekend away from that one!

  3. michael cox says:

    Did they ever do a tv show?

    • agentpoyo says:

      Peter Panzerfaust? Nope, I think it only got as far as being optioned.. which is like making it to the 1 yard line in the 100 yard dash..

  4. John says:

    Totally understand that this site is geared more towards the speculator point of view, but I am one of those who is looking forward to closing out my PP story line and will definitely be grabbing a copy. I actually still need first print issues of #1 and 7-9 (got a second print of #9). So I guess I can get em cheap on ebay now, cool 🙂

  5. The original Law and Order was sooo good. The spinoffs? Ehhh….

    I initially passed on Dead Inside. I’ll try to pick that up tonight.

  6. Shines says:

    Kill or Be Killed does just that. Excellent book, they just finished the 1st arc.

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