Carrie Fisher Dies at age 60

A few days following the news that Carrie Fisher suffered a major heart attack while on a plane flying back from London, the actress most known for playing Princess Leia in Star Wars has passed away.

Since Star Wars played a major part in many comic book and pop culture fans lives, and having Princess Leia, a strong female lead, who holds her own fighting along side Han, Chewie, and Luke, we present a brief comic book homage to Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher.

In comic books, Leia first appeared in the classic Star Wars #1 from Marvel. She would appear in 732 issues, according to Comicvine, making her a major character in comics.

While we typically think of her in the classic white outfit with buns on her head, she is probably most remembered, and frequently referenced in popular culture, in the “Slave Leia outfit”, which was banned last year by Disney. The outfit first appears on the Return of the Jedi #1 cover.

In 2015, Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia got her own series in the Princess Leia 5 Issue Mini series.

Her most recent comic book appearance was in the Force Awakens comic book adaptation, where we see Leia as General Leia Organa.

Episode 8 had finished shooting earlier this year, so while she is gone, we will get to see Leia in the next film, as well as, the eventual comic book adaptation of it.




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  1. john dye says:

    Sad day!!

  2. Shines says:

    This is my favorite Leia cover, Adam Hughes art. Really hard to hear about Carrie. It’s just so hard to not picture her so young & vibrant.

    • Anthony says:

      Adam Hughes cover. Very Nice. I know people on Twitter are getting mad about it, but people fondly remember this costume.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I heard she hated the costume during the shooting of the scenes but she also defended it, by stating “I think that’s stupid” after they banned it.

        She went on to give this advice to some parent who was concerned about the costume on an action figure: “The father who flipped out about it, “What am I going to tell my kid about why she’s in that outfit?” Tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then I killed him because I didn’t like it. And then I took it off. Backstage.”

        In a November 2016 interview with NPR, Fisher said she used the bikini outfit as Leia’s motive for wanting to ill Jabba.

        Fisher did end up wearing the costume for that 1983 Rolling Stone interview. In that same interview, she reminded us that movies are dreams.

        “What redeems it is I get to kill [Jabba], which was so enjoyable,” she told NPR of the costume. “I sawed his neck off with that chain that I killed him with. I really relished that because I hated wearing that outfit and sitting there rigid straight, and I couldn’t wait to kill him.”

        Source for most of this from

      • Shines says:

        I listened to an interview she gave NPR a few weeks ago, and the host asked her about it. She said she found it hilarious that fat guys would cosplay in it at comic cons.

  3. OCguy72 says:

    Such sad news….RIP, princess.

  4. Jesus says:

    Such sad news. I was at work when my wife’s texted me about it. May she RIP.

  5. A. King says:


  6. jclu007 says:

    I keep a lil’ 4″ Leia figure, from the original toy line, up in one of the pockets my media centre has. It’s old and used from when I was a kid, but it has always somehow stuck around and is now part of my home decoration. My two nieces always play with it when they are over. RIP, Carrie Fisher.

  7. degreesofseparation1968 says:

    Thanks for a great tribute Tony.

    I suppose like so many of us, Star Wars was a gateway into geek-dom. I was 9 when the first film came out (I say this a lot, sorry!), it opened my eyes to a wider world of imagination. And Princess Leia was my first celebrity crush, I had a poster cut out of the children’s magazine Look-In at the end of my bed, Leia’s eyes seemed to follow me around the room.

    And what a character she was, I can’t think of many female characters who could have stood toe-to-toe with Han Solo and not wilt! I always get the feeling she was a spoilt little princess who no-one ever stood up to, then this scruffy looking nerf herder barrels into her life and for the first time her attitudes are challenged. So what does she do? She reacts, then adapts and then realises that this was a man worthy of her, despite (or because of) his rough edges and insolent nature. That’s why their love story felt so real.

    And in her real life we all know she had her many demons, but again she stood up to them and turned them into something positive. Lost count of how many people with depression and addictions have said how she inspired them and helped them to accept themselves.

    I have included a link to a clip from a UK show called The Last Leg, which started out as an alternative to the 2012 Paralympics, but was so successful it became a weekly round up of news in general. Carrie was on it in 2014 and flirts outrageously with one of the disabled presenters, leading to the weekly news round-up by another presenter being interrupted by “sexual tension.” It’s hilarious and shows what an amazing woman she was.

  8. Shines says:

    Unbelievable…her mother Debbie Reynolds had a stroke and passed away today. Possibly brought on by Carrie’s death.

  9. Stanley says:

    When a loved one dies, there is a higher risk of survivors dying too especially among those in poor health. 2016 has been a bad year with the loss of many celebrities.

  10. degreesofseparation1968 says:

    Bloody hell, just woke up to have a BBC news alert on phone telling me this. I thought I’d had a bad year but that poor family.

    I’m not really a musical fan, but I’d watch Singin’ in the Rain any day of the week, Debbie Reynolds was incandescent in her role. And she was my dad’s celebrity crush…

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