Wednesday Open Forum



Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 116th edition of the open forum!

Let’s hear those comic book related Christmas Gifts

“Don’t mess with my Wednesdays”.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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29 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. Lonzilla says:

    Detective 850 has disappeared from the longboxes. I think I cleared out the area shops pretty good in the last week

  2. Shines says:

    I’ve been looking, but no luck on an 850 so far..they are scarce!

  3. Brennan says:

    So sad to hear about Carrie Fisher. On a more positive note, I hope the holidays were good to everyone. We just went out today and bought a sweet new christmas tree on sale 60% off for next year.
    Tommorow morning I’ll go grab:
    Action comics
    All star Batman
    Civil war
    DK III
    Detective comics
    Extraordinary XMen
    Image +
    JL v SS
    Uncanny avengers
    Uncanny Inhumans

    I will then proceed to play dead rising 4 for another week and a half before I return to work.

    • Somehow my wife talked me into buying the biggest and best tree the store had on display this year. That sucker better last me a lifetime after what we paid for it. I wish I would have waited for the 60% off sales.

      • Anthony says:

        Lol. We can’t convince the kids to let us get an artificial tree.

      • I asked my kids if they would be willing to pick up the pine needles, clean up the sap, and ensure the tree is watered. They gave me an honest answer of no and we ended up with another fake tree. We had a basement flood earlier this year and it ruined our old tree. So we were forced into an upgrade this year. The tree looks nice…my bank account doesn’t lol.

      • Brennan says:

        Don’t worry Tony, they’ll get to an age where they don’t care about a real one anymore. Makes life so much easier.

  4. Jesus says:

    This week’s picks are;

    All-Star Batman #5
    DKIII #7
    Harley’s little black book #5
    Scooby-Doo Team-Up #21
    Super powers #2
    Supergirl being super #1
    AD #2
    Spider-Man/ Deadpool #12

    For pops and AF, going to get Harley Quinn New Animated Advance AF, and 2- Batman animated adventures POP!

    Also on a good news but sad for me, Brian Woods is in town doing a signing at my comic shop, but I won’t be able to make it. ( going to work up in LA). Was really hoping to get my Briggs Land books signed. But won’t happen this time. Tried to talk to the owner so see if he can get then signed for me, but it was a no go. He said that he does these signing for a meet and greet style of event so it’s understandable, but it still sucks.

  5. degreesofseparation1968 says:

    I have stopped going to my LCS, the owner is a bit of a dick so can’t be doing with him!

    So all online stuff for me, some pre-orders and the usual that I see people post here that I forgot to order and will go scrabbling after lol

    AD #2
    All Star Batman #5 jock Variant
    Seven to Eternity #4 both covers
    Flash #13 Johnson variant, what a great Christmas cover!
    Supergirl Being Super #1
    Justice league vs Suicide Squad #2 Conner variant
    Saga #41 but I assume this will be late due to recall? Unlikely to get the mis-coloured version I reckon.
    Grimm Fairy Tales #1 cover A
    Scooby Doo Team Up #21. Just for the fun of it, if it specs well that’s just an added bonus!

    My Ghost Rider #1 Frankie’s Dell’otto variants eventually turned up today. Should I take them out of the bags they were sealed up in at printers or leave them? Advice appreciated as usual guys.

    • I don’t get the dick LCS owner in the year 2016. The markup is so low and everyone knows you can get your books cheaper on the internet. You have to give your customers a reason to choose you.

      I like the guys who own my shop and I like the idea of having a local shop so I support them even though I could get my comics cheaper elsewhere. Seems so simple yet you hear over and over again about jerk owners.

      • degreesofseparation1968 says:

        As we say here, nowt queer as folk! But yeah in this tough economic market customer service should be key.

    • degreesofseparation1968 says:

      Forgot I had pre-ordered Trinity #4 variant. So important I told you all :op

  6. Batman All Star #5
    Dark Knight#7 It’s amazing how far behind this series got.
    James Bond #12

    I’ll see if Saga is waiting for me but the guys who run my LCS are usually on top of these things.

  7. Mark McAlister says:

    Hulk #1 Store Variant at cover price, we’ll see if does anything more than the Ghost Rider one I got last month

    Extraordinary X-Men 17

    Civil War 2 Cho Variant, now have the set of them, LOVE his style on these

    Flash 13

    AD #2

    JL vs SS #2 – never been a DC reader but this series has me interested so far

    Totally Awesome Hulk #3 which has the 1st appearance of the kid behind the upcoming “Monsters Unleashed” thing that Marvel is going to release–maybe it turns into something, maybe not

  8. Drew Arnold says:

    Saga 41 recalled version x3
    AD #1

    That’s it for me. My shop put out all of their recalled Saga’s. I could have bought more if I wanted to.

  9. Jesus says:

    So my wife text me today and she went to the comic shop for me and got the Briggs land books signed and sent out to CGC. Am I lucky or what? LOL

  10. Brennan says:

    Finally got my hands on the marvel legends deadpool figure at regular retail price. Apparently they are now going to be available for retailers to order on its own as opposed to one in a set. Good for me, sucks for the people who forked over $100 for one.

  11. jclu007 says:

    I bought myself a few after Christmas presents for myself this week. My local online store had a 50% off sale so I picked up about 40 or so ASM back issues to help build my ASM legacy collection. I also picked up a 1 per store Dr. Aphra #1 for $30 CDN. My LCS was also having 50% off back issues today, they don’t have much, but have a box of some key books marked up. I picked up True Believers Deadpool for .75, Vader #1 for $2.50, TWD #115 NYCC exclusive for $3, TWD #127 for $7.50, Harley Black Book #1 B&W J.Scott Campbell cover for $5, TWD #130 for $5, TWD #132 for $5, TWD FCBD for $2.50, Barman #40 for $2.50. I also got my 2nd comic nerd block today and it had a WW 77 meets The Bionic Woman #1 exclusive (it sold in like 5 minutes on eBay), a Star Trek Green Lanterns Exclusive and a Hook Jaw #1 exclusive. It also had a Ninjak Tee, a Deadpool Calender, and a Lil DC Bombshells Harley Exclusive and a 10″ Harley Print. I’m not keeping any of it, lol. My weekly pulls were:
    DK III #7, 1:15 variant
    Civil War #8
    Carnage #15
    7 to Eternity #4
    All Star Bats #5, Jock variant

    And one of my two copies of Atoll #1 came in today. I will be picking it up tomorrow as I didn’t visit that particular store today. I usually hit 3-5 stores on Wednesdays, but I only went to 2 today as one shop had just gotten there books 5 minutes before I arrived and the other had not gotten their books at all. This was all around noon. I went home after that as I figured all the stores up here were getting late deliveries due to Christmas. I’ll be out tomorrow to see what else I can find.

  12. J. Coleman says:


    Harley’s Little Black Book 5
    Image + 9
    A.D. 2

    No Sagas 😦


    Action Comics Vol 2 #968 Cover B Variant Gary Frank Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 Annual #1 Cover C Variant Raul Valdes Cover
    Atoll #1 Midtown has some!
    Black Monday Murders #4
    Bloodshot USA #2 Cover A Regular Doug Braithwaite Cover
    Briggs Land #3
    Cage Vol 3 #2 Cover A Regular Genndy Tartakovsky Cover
    Cinema Purgatorio #7 Cover D Code Pru Cover
    Civil War II #7 Cover B Variant Michael Cho Cover
    Comic Shop News #1542 – FREE – Limit 1 Per Customer
    Crossed #8 Convention Edition
    Death Of X #4 Cover C Variant Classic Cover
    Deathstroke Vol 4 #7 Cover B Variant Shane Davis Cover
    Dept H #8
    Detective Comics Vol 2 #945 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover
    Empress #7 Cover B Variant Stuart Immonen Character Cover
    Flash Vol 5 #11 Cover B Variant Dave Johnson Cover
    Frostbite #3
    Goddamned #5 Cover A RM Guera
    Godzilla Rage Across Time #3 Cover A Regular Bob Eggleton Cover
    Godzilla Rage Across Time #4 Cover A Regular Bob Eggleton Cover
    Godzilla Rage Across Time #5 Cover A Regular Bob Eggleton Cover
    Great Divide #3 Cover B Variant Ben Dale Homage Cover
    Harrow County #18
    Hellblazer Vol 2 #4 Cover B Variant Yasmine Putri Cover
    Jeff Steinberg Champion Of Earth #4
    Lake Of Fire #4 Cover B Tom Fowler & Nathan Fairbairn
    Mighty Thor Vol 2 #13
    Ninjak Vol 3 #21 Cover B Variant Ryan Bodenheim Cover
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #23
    Snotgirl #4 Cover B Bryan Lee O Malley
    Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #14 Cover A Regular Robbi Rodriguez Cover
    Spirit Hunters #1 Cover C Gregbo Watson
    Star Wars Han Solo #5 Cover A Regular Kamome Shirahama Cover
    Star Wars Vol 4 #25 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher IG-88 Action Figure Cover
    Super Powers Vol 4 #1 Cover B Variant Franco Cover
    Superman Adventures #52
    Titans Vol 3 #5 Cover B Variant Mike Choi Cover
    Venom Vol 3 #1 Cover C Variant Marvel Hip-Hop Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #11 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

    Nothing ground-breaking for me next week so I didn’t pre-order anything.

    Happy New Year!

  13. A. King says:

    Going to get to a couple of shops today. I called my main Shop yesterday and they said they got Saga in, so since I already have it in my pullbox I told them to put an extra copy in my pullbox.

  14. schweizerdavid says:

    One of my lcs’s shipment was delayed until today. I was able to snag two Saga 41s before they pulled them off the shelf five minutes later. Many in the stack had spine ticks on that dark cover.

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