CBCS Launches New Label

CBCS, the upstart grading company started by Steve Borock, redesigned their label last year, about the same time CGC was going through issues with their new cases, and it’s reception was underwhelming. They listened and have re-designed it again. A much better looking label this time:


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6 Responses to CBCS Launches New Label

  1. loki says:

    much much better. Thank goodness hahaha as I do a lot of business with them

  2. A. King says:

    For me I don’t really care how the label looks……as long as it has that 9.8 I’m happy. I do think it is good that they actually took into account how the customers feel and went back and made some changes.

  3. Jesus says:

    I think we all want that nice 9.8 grade slabed on our books lol.

  4. The only negative is the fact that I have like 8 graded books with the 2nd gen label. Do I need to pay for a re-slab now?

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