New Comics Picks Video for New Releases for 1/4/17

Terry Hoknes and I have our weekly conversation about new comic releases. We talk about the new #1’s and interesting releases coming out Wednesday. (I also experimented with green screen for a bit, Sorry Terry for that)


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6 Responses to New Comics Picks Video for New Releases for 1/4/17

  1. Andrew Binassi says:

    Thanks for the video guys. Love watching it every week.

  2. MCSports7 says:

    Great stuff, hadn’t realized you two were doing these. Two of my favorites to get info from so had to watch the earlier ones after seeing this!

  3. Andrew Cantrell says:

    I just saw where USA Avengers has a variant for each state. A total of 59 variants. Crazy. I found it funny that Thor was the Avenger for Alabama.

    • Anthony says:

      I passed on these completely. My LCS had sets of all 59 covers or whatever for $189. I passed since I have 0 desire to own that many of this book. It is exactly 59 more copies than I want to own.

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