Poyo’s Picks of the Week for January 4th, 2017

The first Wednesday of the 2017 new year is upon us and with it, new comic books. Although it’s a smaller release day, at least from my count of new books hitting stands (except those pesky state covers Marvel is putting out), that should not stop us from getting out to our stores and spec’ing on new books.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Batman #14 (DC) Stephanie Hans Regular Cover – There’s not much spec this week on a DC or Vertigo standpoint so this Batman is my pick because I think it’s a great cover that details the love hate relationship that Batman and Catwoman have shared since, the first time they met.

Marvel Pick

I actually have two picks this week, basically variant cover picks.

Unstoppable Wasp #1 (Marvel) Elizabeth Torque Variant – Just a great looking cover, at first glance it gives me that manga type feel to it’s art and cover.

Moon Knight #10 (Marvel) Whilce Portacio – A Moon Knight Classic Art variant are always cool and welcome. This one is just great and brings out that classic Moon Knight we fans all love to remember.

I must mention that U.S.Avengers hitting stands this week with it’s 50 state covers should not go entirely unnoticed either. This is a book that is introducing some new teams and characters. Should you invest in getting all 50 state covers? My suggestion is, no, these always fail miserably and the shops that order heavy always seem to lose. I find these in the 50 cent bins months later.

Small Publisher Pick

Walking Dead #162 (Image) – It’s always a pick, even when nothing happens in the issue. It could be an entire book with Rick sitting on his porch and we’d still spec on it as anything that happens in TWD could end up on the show. The shows ratings are down (I think most are annoyed about the repetitive type nature of what they deal with) but it’s still one of the top shows.

This issue brings the conclusion of The Whisperer War but from the spoilers is bringing much more in the coming story arc. So the new enemy Beta could be a driving force to be reckon with in the comic series and only strengthens his role in this universe. So seek out his 1st appearance, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Beta yet and for some time, as I think he’s going to wreck their world.

Indie Pick of the Week

Underworld Blood Wars One Shot (Darkstorm Comics) – With the new movie coming out (and the only franchise keeping Kate Beckinsale’s acting career alive), fans won’t be passing on this new book from the creator of Underworld, Kevin Grevioux. Already sold out online at multiple shops, expect low print runs on this as they were likely passed over since it also carries a $6.99 price tag. Already sold out at Midtown, Mycomicshop, and TFAW. None listed on eBay either….

Everyone have a Merry New Year and here’s to hoping to another great comic book year!


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  1. I do like that Batman cover.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    Anyone else have issues finding Underworld? Seems my local shop didn’t get any of them.

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