Scout Comics — March shipping titles!

From Brendan Deneen, the CEO of Scout.

Hello! I’m excited to share Scout Comics’ March-shipping titles, include a debut title, LITTLE GUARDIANS!

Little Guardians #0 Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Lee Cherolis and Colored by Dann Tincher

Full Color. 32 pages. $3.99

The Prelude tale to the ongoing series starting next month! Everyone excitedly awaits the birth of the next guardian, but when a dangerous demon rapidly approaches it is up to Tane to defend the town while his wife deals with a difficult delivery. Unbeknownst to him, the events that take place in the small delivery room will affect the village for generations to come. LITTLE GUARDIANS tells the story of two young people switched at birth and now unknowingly living each other’s lives. Idem trains as the next guardian and struggles to control his spirit powers. This was Subira’s birthright, but tradition dictates the guardian line must be passed down from father to son. Instead, she lives a quiet life working at The Item Shop never knowing what should have been. Over time she must discover the truth behind her connection to the spirit world and in the process save her village from an evil cult.

Girrion #6

Written and Illustrated by Tom Lintern

Full Color. 32 pages. $3.99

The critically acclaimed sereies continues. Jarra breaks free from the battle to check on the safety of his family. He is unable to reach them but comes across his old friend, Master Doltha, who has returned just in time to Winchwing. The two try to piece together what is going on and prepare for what they hope will end the battle once and for all.


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9 Responses to Scout Comics — March shipping titles!

  1. Jesus says:

    Has anyone been reading Girrion? I mean the hype was there for the series, but I havent seen it in anyone pull list or read if it’s any good. Just asking to see if maybe it catches my attention.

  2. Simon Payne says:

    Little Guardians was a self published graphic novel originally. I picked up few of them when 1st announced. They are still available here

  3. A. King says:

    After Henchgirl and Once our Land I have not gotten anything else from Scout.

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