Mel V’s. Variant Picks of the Week for 1/18/17

What Up CHU? Mel V. here, excited for this weeks Variants. We have got some pretty good ones, so lets get right into it.

Curse Words #1 Cover C Incentive Margaret Variant Cover – Glad to see image back in the incentive variant game. Image has really been on fire lately with their #1’s. If this book takes off I expect the talking koala bear sidekick Margaret to be a hit among fans


Gamora #2 Cover B Incentive Francesco Mattina Variant Cover – WOW! is what I said when I first saw this cover and it still amazes me. Mattina hit a grandslam with this one. COVER OF THE WEEK. T SHIRT WORTHY


Mighty Captain Marvel #1 Cover E Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In) -not to be out done, the legendary Alex Ross hits a grand slam of his own with this rendition of Captain Marvel already seeing nice numbers in the After Market


Venom Vol 3 #3 Cover B Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover – JCS makes a surprise appearance on the weekly list. Either ya like this cover or hate this cover. I like it but there is a steep price tag on this one. If ya can get it for cheap don’t hesitate to buy


WWE #1 Cover G Incentive Oliver Barrett Macho Man Randy Savage Virgin Variant Cover – OHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MACHO MAN …NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!


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12 Responses to Mel V’s. Variant Picks of the Week for 1/18/17

  1. The Ruler says:

    Not feeling that JSC Venom, he looks too cute instead of Intimidating.

    • Anthony says:

      The eBay prices are insane for it, if they sell for that much, it can be ordered off Midtown for cheaper, but yeah, JSC style doesn’t match, he should stick to drawing Mary Jane covers

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, Midtown listed theirs at $170 after their 15% discount.. sold listings on eBay ranged from $200 to $360 type range.. seems most recent sold listings now hovering around the $300 range.

      • B. Lake says:

        The midtown copies sold out in 2 minutes, it’s a 1:100 and campbell odds are its $400 by the weekend

    • JayClue says:

      What the F is with Venoms dinosaur feet on that cover? That is just stupid.

    • JayClue says:

      And did you know that Koala bears aren’t bears at all. They are marsupials. 😉

  2. A. King says:

    I have a copy of the one per store Captain Marvel #1 waiting for me in my pullbox.

  3. Big Jimmy Jons says:

    The variants this week are absurd in price.. think about what kind of silver age keys you can buy with that $300 venom. The captain marvel and gamora ones are super high at $60-100. How much bigger can this bubble go before it explodes? Is the strategy for every retailer going to switch to ordering 100 of every issue just so they can sell off their 1:25,1:50,1:100’s for $200-300 and throw the rest of the regular covers in back room? This kind of stuff is really going to cause another 90’s overproduction.

    • Anthony says:

      Not disagreeing with you. When looking at bubble bursts I think people have to think on the micro scale and not the macro scale. Bubbles will burst. I think the first one to go will be store exclusives. I think people will tire chasing these and stores could go out of business if they are left holding the bag on multiple cover exclusives on a book that ends up not selling. Larry from Larry’s Comics out the Phantom Variant program on hold last year and said “Cover A all the way, in 2016”. I have to agree with him there.

  4. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Though I am not into the WWE comics, I do love this variant. Gonna snap into a slim jim. The Gamora is a good one as well. I am a huge Venom fan, but I did not like this variant and like some of you have already commented on just stick to Cover A and get the same story inside for the regular price.

    • Anthony says:

      I picked up the one per store wrestling belt variant today. Also for the Secret Batman one per store tpb Jim Lee sketch cover.

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