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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 119th edition of the open forum!

How are your football teams doing this season, make the playoffs? Neither my Ravens or Seahawks did…. Well there are always Super Bowl commercials to watch….

“Don’t mess with my Wednesdays”.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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102 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. comicevents says:

    Did anybody get a copy of The Rift last week? My LCS is looking for one for me.
    This week’s pull list…
    Dollface #1 (Cover C Josh Howard)
    Harley Quinn #12 (Cover B Frank Cho)
    Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #5 (Of 6)(Cover B Amanda Conner)
    Trinity #5 (Cover B Bill Sienkiewicz)
    Curse Words #1 (Cover B Skottie Young)
    Mighty Captain Marvel #1 (Skottie Young Variant Cover)
    Monsters Unleashed #1 (Of 5)(Mike Deodato Hip-Hop Variant Cover)
    Hookjaw #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Conor Boyle)

    My first Marvel books in three weeks.

  2. J.Dan Patane says:

    Was surprised to see that my LCS did have The Rift. Picked it up and really enjoyed it. Worth the read if you like WWII-themed Time Travel!

  3. Brennan says:

    What a busy week! I’ve had about all I can handle of house hunting for the last few days so I’m taking the day off tomorrow 🙂 you know what that means…..early comics!!! Woohoo!!
    When the shop opens I will be getting:
    Curse words
    Clone conspiracy
    Mercs for money
    Deadpool the duck
    Green lanterns
    Justice league
    Justice league v suicide squad
    Manifest destiny
    Dr aphra
    Uncanny inhumans

    I sure do love me my super heros.

    • Brennan says:

      Oh and monsters unleashed.

      • Brennan says:

        Well, we may have found one tonight! We are putting in an offer tomorrow. You guys don’t even want to know for how much though. Just know that where I live, it’s 500+ for anything worth owning.

      • Anthony says:

        But that’s Canadian Dollars so it works out to like 75% off here 😉

    • My wife and I are moving out of our condo and into a new house, too! We’re moving because our neighbors are horrendously loud at all hours. One keeps Hon Kong business hours, and the other (I call him “pioneer spirit”) has been doing renovations non-stop for 6 months at all hours.

      Needless to say, we saw some horror show houses during our house hunt. Some were just crazy expensive because of location but had asbestos ceiling tiles, single-hung single-pane windows, 20 year old HVAC and water heater, with miles of wallpaper that needed to be stripped. I’m so glad some kind soul updated the house we finally settled on. I don’t envy your search, Brennan. Godspeed.

      • Brennan says:

        Biggest problem is where I live, it’s a sellers market. Way more buyers than sellers. Pretty much bidding wars on everything.

      • Anthony says:

        That can be a good thing if you are the one selling.

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      • Anthony says:

        I saw what you bought and how much you paid. I didn’t realize your area was so expensive. We live midway between Washington DC and Baltimore and have CRAZY house prices. You guys do too though.

      • Yeah, Tony, it’s why I was a bit taken aback when you said my house was expensive. The weekend before we were looking at houses in the $550k range that need a lot of “love” (if love is a synonym for time and money). It would have taken us a lifetime to make some of those habitable. I’m talking cracked foundations, lead plumbing, ungrounded electrical system, molding bathroom grout. Horrendous. My wife was bona fide depressed that night. Convinced we would never find a place to live.

      • Anthony says:

        I like he house you bought. Need to send you the listings in the houses we are looking at. Crazy.

      • Anthony says:

        Then Poyo and Toyboxone’s Tyson can send us listings for houses in Texas and we can all be sad. They have mansions for like $1 there.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Not in Austin…. California transplants buying up all the cheap 100k houses and they’re dumb enough to pay 200k… So all houses here selling for double their actual worth. Gotta move way out to get your $1 mansion.

        Dallas and Houston have cheap big houses still… But won’t last long…. We heading for another bubble burst for housing around the country I think….

      • Jesus says:

        One of the reason why I haven’t gotten a house yet. For any old house fixer upper here, your paying $300k plus. Prices are so high right now that we are just looking into renting a Townhouse for the mean time. And Townhouses run between $1500 and up for a 2-bedroom, depending on where u get it.

      • Anthony says:

        Mortgages are usually cheaper than that on $3000

      • Jesus, my wife and I bought into a condo (townhouse set up with shared walls) for $250k. Our mortgage was $1106 per month for the past 13 months. We managed to sell our condo in 4 days after 15 viewings and two offers. Now, it was in a very ritzy part of our town (up on the hill, near the zoo, surrounded by $600k- $1M homes) so that’s not always going to be the case in getting out of a condo. BUT, I think having equity as owner in a condo is a good stepping stone up to the housing prices the way they are right now.

        Just my two cents.

      • Jesus says:

        Very true wooky. Where are u from if u don’t mind me asking?

      • Jesus, I live in Utah. Tony, that freak show I described was not the house we went under contract for.

      • Anthony says:

        Oh. I thought it was the cute cottage house you went for.

      • Jesus says:

        I lived in Utah for 22 years. Very peaceful and slow paced place. If the rent here keeps going up, I’m most likely going back. I used to build houses for Symphony homes. Million dollar homes. So I know that you can get a beautiful house up there for a nice price.

      • Anthony says:

        I lived in Delaware for 6 years. Things were cheap back then compared to where I live now. Plus no sales tax. I think I made a mistake by moving back to Maryland

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  4. Luq says:

    A couple days ago I picked up an Edge of Spider-Verse set that had #2 for $7.99…I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pack.

  5. JayClue says:

    Any football fans here? I’m picking Atlanta over GB, and NE over Pitt. My RAIDERS shoulda been in this game. I waited patiently for 15 years of futility to watch my young RAIDERS grow into a contender these last 3 seasons, only to have my team get decimated by injuries in the last few weeks. Bah humbug. Khalil Mack is a game changing beast. Sad to see my RAIDERS going to Vegas. They belong in Oak-town. What a shame.

    • MCSports says:

      Good picks, but I feel like Packers are hot right now and we might see a Rodgers vs Brady showdown..Im not a fan of any of the teams remaining but will still be entertaining!

      • JayClue says:

        I’m not a fan of any of the remaining teams either. I hate Brady (tuck rule), but respect him. I’ve been a Matty Ice fan, but pretty indifferent towards the Falcons. I suppose I’m going for Brady, to spite Goddell.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’m not a huge football fan, I’m more of an NBA and NCAAM kind of guy. But my team is the Redskins and I’m proud to say I am not in denial of their suckage and their likely continued suckage into the next couple of decades.

        So with that said, I despise the Cowboys. So if the Redskins beat them at least once, I’m good. I usually root for the Cowboys opposing team so now that they’re out, I don’t really care who wins (I’ll likely root for Rodgers though if I do.. ). 🙂

      • A. King says:

        What????? Poyo I thought you lived in Texas. How are you a Redskins fan? That is my team too, if they are not playing in the post season I’m done with football until the Superbowl(just for the commercials).

      • agentpoyo says:

        I live here but not from here…. 😉

        My dad was a Redskins fan since he was from Virginia.

  6. DrunkWooky says:

    Buying Doctor Aphra #3 tomorrow. Curse Words 1 1:per store if it’s lying around.

    That’s it.

  7. David Billadeau says:

    Bought a collection of about 1000 Silver Age comics for about $900, sold a bunch and made my money back and here’s what I got to keep!

    Here are a list of the ones I have, not sure I want to sell them, but you never know!

    Tales of Suspense #59 (Fine), 71 (VG/Fine), 79 (VG/Fine).

    Tales to Astonish #51 (VG/Fine), 52 (VG/Fine).

    Journey into Mystery #122 (F/VF) Annual #1 (VF)

    Amazing Spider-Man #20 (VG), 28 (Good).

    Daredevil #4 (VG).

    Fantastic Four #29 (G/VG), 33 (G/VG), 34 (G/VG).

    Pretty happy with it!

  8. Barry W says:

    Just an observation Tony, but some of the email notifications from last night didn’t have proper titles, just a post number? Thought I’d give you a heads up, just coz I am a bloody interfering busybody!

    Anyway, on to the important stuff, my comics this week, as usual for me now all online pre-orders or off the back off Tony, Poyo and Mel’s posts:

    BATMAN #15A loving this cover
    KILL OR BE KILLED #5 (Loving this, regretting selling my issue 1 and 2 now, may have to get the TPB)
    HOOKJAW#2 all three covers
    FEW #1 a few copies (see what I did there?!)

    • Barry W says:

      Forgot CURSE WORDS #1 covers A and B, missed out on cover C

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah. I was in a hurry and posted two posts without putting the titles in first. The email notifications went out without the titles. I noticed my mistake and put them in afterwards. They appear on Facebook and twitter the same way. I have to go back and correct them as well.

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    • Anthony says:

      I still have unread copies of Kill or Be Killed 1&2 that I forgot to list. Need to see what they are doing now.

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      • David Bitterbaum says:

        Kill or Be Killed is some good stuff. I mean, Brubaker and Phillips almost always entertain and impress, so it isn’t surprising!

  9. Barry W says:

    My football team is Manchester United (I follow the proper one, you know, Association Football!), who are fifth in the Premier League, despite spending huge amounts of money and having the so-called “special one” managing them. I told people that Mourinho was not the manager for Utd, but everyone was wetting their knickers over him coming to Old Trafford, looks like I may have been right… No one can seem to fill Sir Alex Ferguson’s shoes. Can see us being the next Liverpool, once dominant, almost unstoppable juggernaut, going over quarter of a century without winning the Premier League.

    • Anthony says:

      I recognize them as words but have no idea what you are saying.

      Just teasing.

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    • DrunkWooky says:

      DrunkWooky here, Barry. A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I was originally born in Bristol before I moved to Trumpland. Man U used to be mine and my brother’s team. We we’re fans during the Giggs and Schumichael era. Sad to hear they are doing pitiful now. But, they strike me kind of like the New York Yankees. When they do poorly, nobody has any sympathy because they have so much money they are spending.

      • Barry W says:

        A Bristolian, that’s great! Bristol is a lovely city, fantastic music scene. And top man, yeah those were the days, saw Utd a few times during the 90s, the likes of Giggs, Cantona, Hughes et al. Ironically we were winning it all without the huge budgets available now, didn’t buy the league like Chelsea and Manchester City did. But people always hated us through pure jealousy (some say it was our arrogance, but the arrogance was understandable, we were virtually untouchable for 8 or 9 years!)

      • Anthony says:

        Again words, lost on me. Lol.

      • Barry W says:

        Ha ha us limey’s and our strange ways…

    • JayClue says:

      Following Fergusons act is a monumental, if not impossible, task.

  10. Barry W says:

    Question: What does a trade paperback release do for spec values? Or is there no particular pattern?

    • Anthony says:

      Really nothing. Some people trade wait, meaning will not buy a series and just get the tpb to read. This really does nothing to the spec on a book or the value really. Now, the tpb can go out of print, be rare and hard to find, and there can be spec on trades too. That’s a whole other can of worms.

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      • DrunkWooky says:

        The single trade on my collector radar is Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir. Short printed at the end of Dark Horse’s license, announced as canon, and adapted from an unproduced Clone Wars script. When I found out it was selling for $150, I jumped on it and sold. It’s selling for $300ish now. Do I regret it? No. That’s crazy money for a trade. I hope to someday see it sitting innocuously on a Barnes and noble shelf at which point I’ll quietly purchase it for $14.99 again.

      • Barry W says:

        I know what you mean about specs on trades. I sold THE ABC Warriors books 1 and 2 re-prints from Titan of the 2000AD story from late 70s a few years ago. These were hardbacks, but a little beaten up as they were well read as I was only about 11 or 12 when I got them and not well stored, from memory I think I got nearly £100 on book 1 and about £60 on book 2. Was totally shocked, started the auctions at 99 pence and thought I’d be lucky to get £5!

      • A. King says:

        I have started spec’ing on TPB, the last couple of months. Nothing too crazy I’m just grabbing an extra copy of certain trades and putting them away. Hopefully when I see them again they might have a little more value.

      • Anthony says:

        I can say if you ever find a new copy of Friday the 13th Wildstorm TPB Vol 1 in NM condition, it goes for crazy money.

      • Anthony says:

        I have a TPB for you to look for but don’t want to give it away in the open. I got the tip from friends on Facebook.

      • A. King says:

        Oh that’s just great…..especially since I just have vol. 2.

      • A. King says:

        Let me know, I’ll send you an email. Thanks!

  11. Corey Sexton says:

    He-Man/Thundercats #4
    TMNT Universe #6
    Manifest Destiny #25
    ASM #23
    Spider-Gwen #16

  12. Jesus says:

    This week’s picks

    Harley Quinn #12 ( for the wife)
    Super Powers #3 ( for my little one. He’s been enjoying this series. I read it to him every time I get. He loves my so called “Batman voice” lol).
    Few #1 ( can’t pass on a new image #1).
    Venom #3 ( gots to have some Venom)

    That’s all I have for this week. I did sell 2 cover A of God Country and a set of both covers.

    What have you guys sold lately?

  13. Mark McAlister says:

    The Few #1
    All New X-Men #17
    Clone conspiracy #4
    JL vs SS #5
    WWE #1 Championship Belt Variant 7.00
    2 – Curse Words #1 25th anniversary Gold Foil Variants at cover
    Captian Marvel #1 store variant 7.00

    Was gonna quick flip WWE and Curse Words and maybe hold on Captain Marvel, what do you think?

  14. Due to the snow/ice storms in my area, last week’s books just arrived yesterday so I am hoping today’s books will be there too. My kid has had 9 snow days because where I live does not believe in salting the roads.

    Southern Bastards 16
    Spread 18
    Squirrel Girl 16
    Motor Girl 3
    Descender 18
    Monsters Unleashed 1 if I find the Darrow cover

    Received notification that my CBCS books were graded and on their way back. I bought a Strangers in Paradise 1 first print as an 8.0. Had it signed and pressed and it is coming back a 9.0. My Stan Sakai Star Wars 1 was signed and is coming back a 9.8.

    • Anthony says:

      Make sure to grab all the God Country’s

      • schweizerdavid says:

        Today’s books were not there, but I did pick up a God Country. Have you seen a preference to cover A (green) or cover B (yellow)? A quick glance at ebay shows people listing cover A for more. The store had a stack of about 20 copies evenly distributed between A & B, but I don’t pick up more than one copy the first week a book is out. Stupid moral code on my part.

      • Anthony says:

        No. Moral code isn’t stupid. I would imagine the next guy wasn’t so nice and wiped them out though. I can say if they are there by Friday have at it.

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  15. Corey Alban says:

    Small week for me….

    Dollface #1 cover A x 25

    Should be showing up in the mail within a couple days

  16. Taylor cook says:

    Kind of a slow week for me, but I did manage to grab the 1 per store of curse words for $25 from the shop I have subs with. The owner and I are pretty good friends, and I give him tips on hot books. He also reps artists, and is friends with the guy who reps Ed mcguiness, so he gave me the heads up on the hulk 1 variants (that swipe 181) from hall of comics. The set just came in and will hopefully crush it on eBay for me.

    Other than that, I grabbed
    -the few (the premise was intriguing for me; I’m big on post apocalyptic stuff
    -batman (I’ll never give up on it)
    -monsters unleashed
    -captain marvel hip hop variant (someone grabbed the one per store right before I got there)
    -cover a of curse words

    I also bought a 1985 firebird for $1000 that was more or less a barn fine. Aside from flipping comics, I also rebuild cars in my (extremely limited) free time. I got very lucky, and already have the car running perfect again and the body is solid. And it’s a standard! It’s time for some sweet burn-outs and classic rock

  17. Admiral Snackbar says:

    anybody snag the mighty cap marv Alex Ross color variant today?

  18. A. King says:

    Pickups today included………
    Spider-Man / Deadpool #13 I thought I heard that this was ending but I guess Marvel changed their mind
    Shipwreck #3
    HQ #12b only copy the store had, the 1:1 Rebirth variants are not being ordered that way at the stores I go to. I asked the people at the shop, and they said they cut back on the b covers.
    Superman #15a no b covers available
    Spider-Gwen #16
    Dr. Aphra #3
    Dollface #1a I pre-ordered a few and decided to get one more
    Few #1
    He-Man /Thundercats #4

    • A. King says:

      Just finished reading Few #1 it was ok, not bad. I’ll give it to the end of the first arc to see where it goes.

  19. J. Coleman says:


    Manifest Destiny 25th ish (a milestone these days)
    Motor Girl 3
    Daredevil 14
    They’re NOT Like Us 13
    Harley Quinn 12 var
    Batman 15 reg


    Action Comics Vol 2 #969 Cover B Variant Gary Frank Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 #2 Cover A Regular Ryan Stegman Cover
    Animosity The Rise One Shot NEXT WEEK
    Britannia #4 Cover B Variant Adam Gorham Cover
    CBLDF Defender #8
    Clean Room #14
    Comic Shop News #1545
    Deathstroke Vol 4 #8 Cover B Variant Shane Davis Cover
    Descender #17
    Detective Comics Vol 2 #946 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover
    Die Kitty Die #3 Cover A Fernando Ruiz
    Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #109
    Flash Vol 2 #200
    Flash Vol 5 #12 Cover A Regular Carmine Di Giandomenico Cover
    Green Valley #3 Cover A 1st Ptg
    Hawkeye Vol 5 #1 Cover A Regular Julian Totino Tedesco Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Inhumans vs X-Men #1 Cover B Variant Michael Cho Cover
    Jessica Jones #3 Cover B Variant Nen Chang Cover
    Lost Boys #3
    Moonshine #3 Cover A Eduardo Risso
    New Super-Man #6 Cover B Variant Bernard Chang Cover
    No Mercy #12
    Old Man Logan Vol 2 #15
    Pitiful Human-Lizard #11
    Power Man And Iron Fist Vol 3 #11
    Powerpuff Girls #23
    Reborn #3 Cover D Variant Alex Garner Cover
    Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol 2 #5 Cover B Variant Matteo Scalera Cover
    Red Sonja Vol 7 #0 Cover A Regular Nick Bradshaw Cover
    Resident Alien Man With No Name #4
    Scooby Apocalypse #8 Cover B Variant Ivan Reis Cover
    Shadows On The Grave #1
    Spider-Man Vol 2 #10 Cover A Regular Sara Pichelli Cover
    Supergirl Vol 7 #4 Cover B Variant Bengal Cover
    Superwoman #5 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #12 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover
    Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #14 Cover C Variant Valiant Cat Cosplay Cover
    Young Terrorists #2
    Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #30 Cover A Regular Dan Mendoza Cover

  20. Lonzilla says:

    Started a new job last week so that cuts into my hunting around time. After 7 hours of rolling dough and making pierogies last night, there was no way I was waking up to be at the LCS this morning to try and grab the current hot variants.
    Picked up The Few #1 (Image) which looks really good and a Sensational She-Hulk #40 from the back issue bin

  21. JayClue says:

    Had a decent day at the LCS’ today. I picked up:
    Venom #3
    Clone Conspiracy #4
    Batman #15
    ASM #23
    Gamora #2
    The Rift #1
    The Few #1
    Hookjaw #2
    Aphra #3
    Potential Flips:
    Dollface #1, Covers A-G
    WWE #1, Belt Variant, $7 CDN
    Curse Words #1, Gold Foil, $22 CDN
    Curse Words #1, Scottie Young
    US Avengers #1, Deadpool Variant x2
    72E #1, 3rd print
    Star Wars #1 x2
    Star Wars #4 x4 (Got all Star Wars books for free with my store credit)
    New Mutants #100, 1st NM, $3 CDN ( one LCS in my area has a bunch of these from a collection they bought, they have them priced at $18 CDN. The one I bought did not have a sticker price on it. When I brought it up to pay, he charged me $3. Normally I would say something, but this has crazy prices and the place marks up their books on release day, even the 50/50 variants, so I just let him charge me whatever and kept my mouth shut)
    Motor Girl #3, I’m collecting a set of these and sitting on them
    Doctor Aphra #3, Anniversary Variant, (Tony, did you pick up this anniversary Variant, or did you forget about it 😉)
    Deadpool #1, True Believers x2, $3 per

    As far as Dollface goes, 4 shops I visited had ordered zero issues, a 5th store that I visit on Wednesdays had about 25 of each cover.

    And for people living in southern Ontario, and who like signatures, Gotham Central in Mississauga is having some guest artists this Saturday. Some of the bigger names that will be there are Jason Fabok, Mike Del Mundo, RB White, Mike Rooth and Ty Templeton. Mike Cho was supposed to be there but has cancelled because his dad is ill. Any ways, that’s me this week.
    PS. Joey Bats has signed back with my Blue Jays. Love him, or hate him, he was the player that has taken that franchise out of mediocrity and pushed management and his teammates to elevate the franchise to the contender that we have become. Welcome back home, Bautista.

  22. Ed says:

    In addition to all the big variants, picked up the following:

    8 copies of MMPR 9 2nd Print. These are starting to move for 10-20 on the bay and LCS was dry. One of the major online stores still has them in stock.
    Deadpool Mercs for Money 7 1:25 Fosgitt (3.99)
    Deadpool the Duck 2 1:25 Fosgitt (9.99)

  23. Barry W says:

    Totally random comment:

    On a BBC quiz show I am watching, Impossible, a comic book owner opted for film questions. He got a question on Batman v Superman, then had to find five answers that were “impossible answers”, i.e. couldn’t ever be a right answer as the actors weren’t in the film. One was Edward Norton, he said he was the Hulk, but not the current Hulk, as that is Eric Bana!!!! I really hope his customers start ripping it out of him this week ha ha

  24. JayClue says:

    For anyone interested in the Scott Campbell Venom #3 1:100, the J.Scott store will have them for sale, and autographed, on his website. Sale starts on Jan.21. No price listed as of yet.

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