Loot Crate Origins to Have Action Comics #1 

Well, not the original, but Loot Crate will have an exclusive reprint of Action Comics #1 in this month’s box

CBR had the story on the exclusive being released in the box.

Action Comics Reprints can go for decent money, so it might now be a bad flip potential to grab this months Loot Crate. Not to mention, if you haven’t had a chance to read Action Comics #1, here is one that will cost you a lot less than the real thing.

Use Code FREECRATE to get a free Crate when you sign up for a new account (pssst if you subscribed before use a different email address) 


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10 Responses to Loot Crate Origins to Have Action Comics #1 

  1. Admiral Snackbar says:

    Just a reminder to everyone selling/trading/buying comics in person: remove your own comics from their bags and let others remove theirs.

    I know this is basic common sense (to most people) but while selling to a buyer from craigslist yesterday i trusted them to safely remove my avengers # 5 FN from its mylar sleeve and that was the last time i’ll do that.

    Needless to say, a square inch of ink getting pulled off the cover of one of my favorite books taught me my lesson the hard way.

    Not looking to be consoled or lectured here, just honestly don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Hopefully, venting my own horror story may help a few readers to be more vigilant than I.


    • Vann says:

      Jeeze—so sorry to hear that. So I’m guessing this special person didn’t end up buying the newly-damaged-by-their-own-hands book….

      • Admiral Snackbar says:

        no, he took it off my hands, thankfully. but for about 25% of what i could’ve originally got for it. crazy how one little screw up can dissolve so much value in a matter of seconds.

      • Anthony says:

        I would have made him pay for ruining. If he got the comic in the end or not, it was his fault. But he would have paid.

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  2. A. King says:

    Just got an email, and a Darth Sidious act. fig. cover is on the way. This is the one I have been wanting the most.

    • Admiral Snackbar says:

      finally! i’ve been confused and disappointed by how many characters have received a second, stupid action fig cover (r2d2 with sensorscope, WTF?) before major characters have been featured at all.

    • Anthony says:

      got a story coming up for this shortly.

      • Admiral Snackbar says:

        you won’t keep us in suspense for too long, i hope! i’ve been scratching my head a bit over these covers ever since issue 14 featured that hammerhead alien from the mos eisley cantina and the emperor still didn’t have a cover. or a scout trooper from rotj. or a friggin tie fighter pilot. shiiiiiiiiit.

  3. Andrew Cantrell says:

    I’ve been meaning to do a ask people about what crates they like on Wednesday open forum (so hopefully I will do that this next time). I like that they did an exclusive reprint and I was surprised that reprints of this one are going for so much.

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