First Appearance of Seven To Eternity

No doubt Seven to Eternity is blowing up. Prices of Cover A are hovering around $100 raw.   Image Plus #3 ran a preview of the book, before the first issue came out, but that is not the first appearance. Here it is, and it came out in April of 2016:

Image Expo Preview Book April 2016 is the first appearance of Image’s hot series Seven to Eternity.

There are only two copies on eBay, one being $2 (for full disclosure, I threw up a copy at a crazy price.) Midtown does have them for $1.28, unsure how long they will last.

The book has a full 6 pages of story, plus shows the cover A.


Here are the page images from my crazy (hopeful) priced auction copy.




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39 Responses to First Appearance of Seven To Eternity

  1. Jt Rodgers says:

    $1.28 each on Midtown, go now.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    I was able to order some before they vanished.. Wheee!

  3. emiobeg says:

    Damn! I missed it, but I know I have one around

  4. Jesus says:

    Funny thing is I have one of these books. I got it when it came out put didn’t put much attention to it. I know that my LCS has a bunch of them. Need to call him up to see if he can put some on hold for me lol.

  5. David Bitterbaum says:

    This reminds me of when some folk tried to sell an issue of, “Previews,” that solicited the 1st issue of, “The Walking Dead,” and therefore was technically the first appearance of the series. I can’t recall if those sold or not, but its interesting to debate what counts as a, “First!”

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, I kind of view these types of things as solicitations.. I know hardcore collectors seek these out but I’m not one to care as much for them myself.

  6. Chris Engelbrecht says:

    Is it worth it to Unload my last remaining 1st Copy of Seven on ebay? Or is it thought there will be more hype on this?

    • Nik Romero says:

      The price keeps rising every week, so I’d say hold onto it for a bit longer. I plan on holding for at least a few more months, before even thinking about selling. I remember the Walking Dead doing this same thing and I sold my #1 for around $400 raw a couple years after it came out….now I wish I would have held onto it, but I was happy that I actually had a comic that was worth something.

      • Chris Engelbrecht says:

        Thanks yeah, what really has me going is that I have 4 of them at one point and sold them around 15-20. Decided to hold onto one. Glad at least I did that.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, seems the heat is starting to sizzle some on these (as the market got flooded with more after they heated up.. ) but I’m also holding copies. I sold one to recoup my costs but if this ever gets optioned or turned into a show or movie, we can only expect it to blow up. If you already made your money back and or profit from some.. it’s a small gamble to hold now.

  7. Philippe Brault says:

    Should Image+ 3 also be part of this conversation? It is the cover md has an extended preview inside too.

  8. NotJon says:

    Yeah, these are rad to have if you’re a hardcore fan, but the market seems to view these as separate from a true 1st for some reason. I remember when people were trying to sell the Expo Previews of Saga and Outcast, the actual books hold better for some reason. I find it confusing when other preview titles, like the first New Teen Titans in DC Comics Presents, hold for serious value. Maybe it’s because if the story isn’t fully self-contained some people view it as a solicitation?

  9. Junior says:

    Shrug most people on this site obviously bought those for a hopeful flip, but we all know everyone wants cover A.That will remain as it’s first appearance and most coveted copy.

    • NotJon says:

      I don’t know about everybody. I have more of cover A because it was the one that was left after the variants all dried up. Before the market had settled on A the variants seemed to be pretty hot with actual non-secondary readers.l, at least in my area.

    • Anthony says:

      Cover a will always be champ no doubt. However when it first came out the blank was what everybody was going for. Not this takes away from those books but it is the first printed appearance of characters, concept, and story

    • Anthony says:

      It was $1.28. Not a lot to lose on it if it heats up though.

  10. OCguy72 says:

    Mile High had them for $2 but looks like they now are sold out as well. Placed an order for a couple and some other books when it indicated they were in stock a few hours ago. With Mile High you never know if they still have the looks by the time they get around to pulling them. Fingers crossed.

  11. Lonzilla says:

    I know I have a few of these somewhere, my LCS gets them every year. Just a matter of finding which box they’re in before the price drops back down to $2 haha

  12. A. King says:

    Everytime I get some of these I always end up tossing them into the recycle container, I guess that’s not happening anymore.

    • Anthony says:

      I save everything. Have a. If of freebies that I have pulled and sold from many times in the past. You never know.

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