Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 2/1/17

Each week hundred’s of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 2/1/17:

This is going to be an interesting list as it is an interesting week. Big things in small packages if you will. Half the list this week is $2 or less cover price. Do not see that a lot. It is a small spec week, but when you can walk out of the store cheap and still make a profit, you are golden.

First off, I want to give a shot out to Atomic Books in Baltimore (Canton). I attended their Comic Klatch on Saturday. For $5 you get five recent (published within the past month) comics. This month they had Supergirl Being Super #1, Hulk #1, Wasp #1, Gumballs #1, and Dad’s Weekend #1 (several $6 books in that reading list for $5). I enjoyed Sours at the Eightbar (named after Dan Clowes Eight Ball) and read and discussed comics. Good time.

Anyway on to the new comic picks:

Returning Favorites
Deadly Class #26 – Rick Remender’s best book and love letter to the 1980’s (as well as semi autobiographical story). School for assassins, and nothing ever goes right.

Image Plus #10 – Seriously, this book puts out previews of books that could be hot in the future. It costs $1.99, what do you have to lose. Also, did someone mention Negan’s back story.

Nailbiter #29 – Sad that there are only two more issues left in this amazing Joshua Williamson series. I saw him this weekend and asked him if we would see the characters from the book again (hinting at a TV show I was) Joshua said “wait until issue #30”. Not sure if he caught on to what I was hinting to, but I cannot wait for the last two issues.

Yakuza Demon Killer #3 – I cannot stress how much I love this series. Demon killing Japanese Mobsters. Awesome.

Paper Girls #11 – BKV’s awesome series is back. Glad to see it back. Weird story, but a wonderful read.

The One With The Walking and the Dead
The Walking Dead #163 – Whisper War is over (went out with a whisper and not a bang), and a new story line is starting. You can jump in for 25 cents. Buy 8 copies and put them away. Even with a print run over 730,000 copies, these are still something people will want to pick up. (Years ago I sold copies of the Batman 10 Cent Adventure for a couple bucks a copy. I grabbed $4 worth at the time. Small buy in and a big pay off.) Same theory goes here. This one seller has already moved 76 have sold at $1 plus shipping of $3.50. And let’s not forget the 1:200 Variant and the 1:500 Variant (which has sold for between $90 and $199 a copy)

The Picks of the Week
True Believers Wolverine vs. Hulk #1 – Call me stupid (go on) but there is no way I can pass up a reprint of Incredible Hulk #181 for $1. The book has been reprinted several times, including the Incredible Hulk #181 Hasbro Reprint, and not forgetting The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine #1, and they sell for more than cover regularly.

True Believer Wolverine #1 – another dollar reprint. This time the classic Chris Claremont Frank Miller mini series. Claremont charges $10 to sign comics for grading, worth the price. Miller is harder to get, but get one of these signed up and graded and you will make out well. Copies already listed in the $3-4 range on eBay.

Look at that, the last three picks will only cost you $2.25 to grab. ย One more for $1.99. Strange huh?

That is it for me, let me know what you are specing on.

And if you missed the Spec Video from the weekend, here it is again:



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25 Responses to Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 2/1/17

  1. A. King says:

    I pre-ordered a few of the True Believers Wolv. vs Hulk, I was thinking the same thing get them cheap and get paid.

  2. JOE says:

    I pre-ordered both books from Midtown last week. Glad I did, as they are now sold out online. (oh, and think issue 4 of Yakuza is out this week. This has been a really good read)

  3. Admiral Snackbar says:

    is incredible hulk vs wolverine 1 from 1986 the first reprint of hulk 181?

    • Anthony says:

      Not sure. Need to check it out. I have a copy and know the reprinted it again with a new cover

      • Admiral Snackbar says:

        did a little searching online but couldn’t come up with a definitive answer. ih vs. wolvy is the earliest one i’ve found so far.

      • Anthony says:

        Marvel Milestone Reprint 1999
        Wizard Ace Edition 2001
        Hasbro Reprint 2012
        Incredible Hulk and Wolverine 1986

        There were some other language Reprints too.

  4. Nicc T says:

    Nailbiter. Damn that’s a great series. I’m with you, it needs to be a show. I see that first issue going up in value when the series ends. I’ll have to jump in on that Yakuza Demon Killer first issue and check it out. Excellent work bud.

  5. always ballerin says:

    I’m not sure if I dislike the black border on the hasbro reprint, or the big ugly “true believers” title they will slap on these books. At least with the black border reprint it doesn’t disturb the original cover. I will grab two anyway.

  6. anotherbigballer says:

    Also funny to note the difference was Terry’s opinion of not wasting .25c to make a buck, while Anthony doesn’t seem to mind throwing a bunch in the long box for storage. I bet Terry has the smaller collection? Just guessing ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Anthony says:

      40,000 Books. My thing is I have no problem with a small sale. I package up at home and bring them to work with me. Any day of the week I will trade a quarter for a dollar.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Well, I would too but after eBay and Paypal fees, when you sell something at or around $1.00, you net $0.66 after Paypal fees (higher fees due to smaller amount for transaction). Take another $0.10 from the 10% eBay claims.. you’re now sitting at $0.56 cents. Minus the $0.25 you paid for the book and boom baby, you doubled your money + an extra Nickel and Penny with $0.31 cents profit.

        Now sell 100 of those bad boys and you got $31.00 bucks. Sell 1000 and you pocketing $310.00. It’s not a lot of money but you can still say your doubling your money. You make even a little bit more if you’re a retailer with a Diamond account that got them for what, $0.17 or $0.18 cents a pop..

        I’m going to lose money on the amount of Walking Dead 163 I bought.. but they’re gonna be made into Poyo Short and Long Box Art.. they’ll be priceless when I’m done with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anthony says:

        Make sure to post pictures.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • agentpoyo says:

        If they turn out good I most certainly will. Maybe I’ll just have to make extras and sell’em.

      • agentpoyo says:

        That’s also assuming you sell them off one at a time. If you have buyers buying multiple copies, your Paypal fees differ since they won’t take the per transaction type fee from each dollar..

        But still.. I’m with you Anthony.. I hand you $250 and you hand me back $310.. who would turn that down? Tell me.. who would turn that down? No one would turn that down.. unless they just don’t want money.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    at a quarter a pop walking dead is #awesomesauce. the true belivers incredible hulk and wolverine mini reprints will do well. any reprint of hulk #181 will do well and hackman attends s.d.c.c. as well as brodway plays . i wonder what a s.s. heugh hackman s.s.s 9.8 wolverine vs hulktrue belivers would bring . i love the wizardace edition as wll as the german reprint . also superman&batman #16 will be great reading blind adam out

  8. Now you’ve got my hopes up! Come on Nailbiter Tv show!!!

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