Spoilers: Walking Dead #163

The Walking Dead #163 is out tomorrow. It also only costs a quarter. Buy one for your friend at work who watches the show but doesn’t read the comic.


So last we left off a massive horde of the dead were heading towards Alexandria in the wake of Whisper War. Rick and the townspeople were unaware.

Now they are aware….


Really aware (Rick with the flair for drama)


Andrea and Dwight prepare for battle


Eugene wants in on the fight too. He is becoming quite the hero.


Machone and Jesus head out as well.


But they are quickly thwarted in their efforts.


Eugene has an idea…


Meanwhile back at town, confidence is not so high.


I mean they do have a moat with giant spikes surrounding the town.


Well that only worked so well….


Michonne into action.


Head first.


Negan takes action as well.


But, and in no short time, things go pear shaped.


We lose someone (see at the bottom if you need explanation)


And almost lose someone else


But not before Negan steps in


And meanwhile the Saviors are watching.



While it was listed on another site that the character is a TV character, Paula on the show is vastly different than she is in the comic. In fact, she is a Savior on the show.



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9 Responses to Spoilers: Walking Dead #163

  1. A. King says:

    I’m going to try to hold off of the spoilers so I can read the comic tomorrow.

  2. Hh says:

    thanks guys!

  3. hohohoho1 says:

    seems relatively unimportant considering the hype of the issue.

  4. Lonzilla says:

    Great issue,and we only have to wait 2 weeks for the next one. My variant set are easy 9.8’s so this w a good WD Wednesday indeed

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