Winner: M & M Comics Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1

Thanks to  M&M Comics‘ for sponsoring this Free Comic Wednesday! we are doing the drawing tonight for the set of Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1 Chad Hardin Variant. One winner gets the full set!


M&M Comics sent us this great set as a giveaway. To sweeten the deal, I had series writer Joshua Williamson sign the set of three issues. So its not only the variant set but a signed variant set.


The Winner is: Ric Lancaster

Ric, contact me at to arrange shipping details


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8 Responses to Winner: M & M Comics Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1

  1. Patrick Finch says:

    Patrick Finch

  2. Vann says:

    Wow—great prize! Congrats to the winner and generous sponsor!

  3. Jesus says:

    Congrats man. Really nice set.

  4. Ric Lancaster says:

    Tasty. Will chip to ship !

  5. Barry W says:

    Congratulations to you Ric

  6. Andrew Cantrell says:


  7. OCguy72 says:

    Congrats Ric!

  8. Ric Lancaster says:

    Oh my giddy gawd, i never win anything, im so happy i could poop ! Thank you boys and girls so much !

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