Skybound’s “Extremity” Ashcans Hits Comic shops

Thanks to Mel V. for the heads up on this.

Here is one to be on the look out for at your local comic shop. Skybound released a one per store ashcan for their new series Extremity

We talked about the new series Extremity HERE.

The Extremity Ashcan are popping up on eBay. Many can be had for less than $10. They have sold anywhere from $3 to $13, but the price is ticking up based on it becoming more known and people looking for them.



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24 Responses to Skybound’s “Extremity” Ashcans Hits Comic shops

  1. Jesus says:

    Did they came out on Wednesday?

  2. Jesus says:

    I called my LCS and he didn’t see it in his inventory. Going to call other stores tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up Tony.

  3. Jesus says:

    Nice was able to obtain one for $5. Going to pick it up tomorrow since they are about to close.

  4. Mel V says:

    Credit to Jimmy L for putting me on

  5. Jesus says:

    Thank you Jimmy L.

  6. A. King says:

    Going to check out my main Shop tomorrow.

  7. agentpoyo says:

    When it’s the 1 per store ashcan, none of my stores set these out or sell them. 😦

  8. emiobeg says:

    There was also some promo posters as well with the Aschan

  9. rm says:

    picked one up. didnt know it was 1 per store….paid $4.99 but F it.

  10. Earl says:

    I was lucky enough to pick up both copies at my 2 LCS. They both were free.

  11. Jesus says:

    I got the poster with the book for free so that was cool.

  12. Brian Massey says:

    My LCS had it, but they always give the employees first dibs, so needless to say I was SOL

  13. Mel V says:

    Im holding mines ..i think this might be something

    • Nicc T says:

      True that. You guys watching the 3 on eBay at the moment? Theyll be the books that will set the precedent for the next round of pricing. I think it’s possible they’ll go for over $30.

  14. David Bitterbaum says:

    I’m interested in reading it as the comic looks cool, one of my favorite shops in my area who I already asked to pull the main series said they would hold it for me, so I’m eager to give it a gander!

  15. Mahleezer says:

    My LCS has a copy but for 14.99$cdn… that’s like 11$usd roughly. Don’t think I’ll buy it.

  16. Earl Hawkins says:

    Can you tell me why did forbidden planet in uk have 4 copies if it’s 1 per store?

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