Top 20 Hottest Selling Comics

Each week TFAW releases a dynamic list of their top 20 hottest selling books. They are a big online and brick and mortar store, so it is a good snap shot of what people are buying this week. So here we go:

1. Walking Dead #163 – Can’t beat a quarter Walking Dead, except for retailers that missed out on guaranteed $2.99 sales.

2. Star Wars Darth Maul #1 (of 5) – Why couldn’t Dark Horse put out Star Wars books this good?

3. Batman #16– DC’s flag ship book continues to rock

4. Star Wars #28

5. Vampirella #0 a surprisingly good read. I would have missed this if it wasn’t a quarter

6. Champions #5– Gwen Pool helps out this issue

7. Superman #16 – Multiversity story line takes a break from the Super Sons build up it has had.

8. Hawkeye #3

9. Slayer: Repentless #1 – Gritty story about a brother seeking revenge against his neo-nazi brother.

10. Justice League #14

11. Shade The Changing Girl #5

12. Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #2 (of 6) – Good to see Cap back

13. Gwenpool #11

14. Old Man Logan #17

15. Harley Quinn #13 – You can sell anything with Harley and Joker on the cover.

16. Moon Knight #11 – Jeff Lemire is awesome. Doing one of Marvel’s coolest characters makes him even better.

17. Slayer: Repentless #1 (Eric Powell variant cover) – See above, but this one has an Eric Powell variant.

18. Unstoppable Wasp #2 – I found the first issue nearly unreadable.It was like reading two teenage girls talking over text.

19. Injustice Gods Among Us Ground Zero #5 – Comic is ramping up as a new game is coming out.

20. Paper Girls #11 – BKV story returns.


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16 Responses to Top 20 Hottest Selling Comics

  1. Kind of crazy to think as years old metal band has a comic in the top 20.

  2. BED says:


  3. OCguy72 says:

    Enjoyed Darth Maul #1

  4. NotJon says:

    The TWD thing isn’t THAT suprising. I know a few retailers that went way heavier than they normally would on a marked down, jumping on point title because it’s just so cheap. They can hand out the extras at FCBD and actually pay less for those books than the actual FCBD titles they hand out.

  5. A. King says:

    I’m really glad I didn’t drop Batman after Snyder like I was planning on, if it was anyone besides King I would not have given it a chance.

  6. I partly agree with their criticism of Unstoppable Wasp#1. The only part I liked was Mockingbird’s reactions to Nadia’s appreciation of her accomplishments. The rest had that vacuous feeling that many other Marvel titles have stumbled into where the focus is on preachy dialogue and trying to build up a character before we even get to know them in a natural way; and an overall lack of conflict. Some of these new heroes have it Way Too Easy. Any threat is quickly averted, and the character is made to look like a pro that can handle anything that gets thrown at them in 3 pages or less. *Especially Marvel* (who I love because I am a Marvelite, but they are making some bad decisions lately) needs to realize that you can’t just dump information page after page about how great and awesome and accomplished a character is, but never actually take the time to gradually show it happening in their actions.

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