A Look Ahead to Late February Early April

In comics, you have to stay on your toes, not only what is hot, but what coming out could be hot. Here is a look ahead at what books we are keeping our eye on:

Heathen #1 – Vault Comics is putting out this new series about a female viking that looks to be good. Was originally supposed to come out from Heavy Metal, but switched over to Vault along with Tim Danial’s Atoll.

The Old Guard #1 – New Image series that a previews have run in comics and Image Plus #10. A group of immortals are dispatched to fight conflicts (military). The tag line says that “when you live long enough, you learn that there are many fates worse than death.”

Wild Storm #1 – Warren Ellis is bringing back the old Wildstorm Universe to DC. Ellis is not known for sticking on books too long before handing them over, but if he can stay on for a while this is a must pick up.

Pussycats Sex Drugs & Impossible: Cowboy Cathy #1 and Pussycats Sex Drugs & Impossible: Mother Superior #1 – the last Pussycats series sold well out of the chute. A mix of adult film stars and comics (two things you don’t always see mingling) made this book a little taboo, and caused stores to not order it. If they can catch lightening in a bottle again, this one should be picked up.

Solar Flare #1 – We have loved the self-published book, so looking forward to the remastered Scout version. And eventually issue 7.

There’s Nothing There #1 – Celebrity-socialite Reno Selleti doesn’t believe in very much beyond Instagram comments, hipster drugs, and the flash of paparazzi cameras, so when a friend invites her to an EYES WIDE SHUT-type party she goes along mostly for the lulz. But the joke doesn’t feel as funny when she realizes it’s an actual occult ritual, and suddenly she’s seeing things… Horrifying apparitions trying to warn her. ‘RUN.’ Like Darren Aronofsky remaking DRAG ME TO HELL, There’s Nothing There is a stylish & hallucinatory thriller about losing yourself in the bright lights and finding yourself at rock bottom. By your new favorite artist Maria Llovet and Patrick Kindlon (We Can Never Go Home, S.H.I.E.L.D.: Quake).

Also cannot pass up Plastic and Redneck from Image
That is it for now. Many more to come I am sure.



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9 Responses to A Look Ahead to Late February Early April

  1. I was really trying to decide on whether or not to order “there’s nothing there”. It felt like one of those books that could be really good or really bad….

  2. Philippe Brault says:

    I would add “Rose” in there. Fantasy is really hot right now and the preview in Image+ looks really good, also features great art.

  3. BED says:

    Excited about Redneck. Looks pretty twisted!

  4. A. King says:

    Already have Solar Flare added to my pullbox, and I have Heathen pre-ordered. Another one to look out for in April is Z Nation from Dynamite, based on the SCI FI show. I’m not sure if anyone here watches the show, but the show is very entertaining.

  5. David Bitterbaum says:

    You may want to also do a post about a number of potentially, “Hot,” variant covers. As I imagine everyone has heard, Image will in March be doing special variant covers where 100% of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Regardless of your feelings about the agency (I support it, but know many don’t for their own reasons) I think these covers could get a bit hot. My reasoning is that I’ve already seen online many store who oppose Planned Parenthood won’t order the books due to their belief-system and it makes me wonder if in certain areas it might be hard to find any copies and therefore people will want to spend money on sites like eBay to get themselves a copy. On the other hand, I have seen individuals who disagree with this promotion saying they won’t buy the comics so it is equally possible they could just sit on shelves. I’m leaning more towards them picking-up some steam however. That’s my personal spec recommendation!

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