Scout Comics Interview with James Haick, creator of Solar Flare

SCOUT COMICS AND ENTERTAINMENT is proud to announce the inclusion of SOLAR FLARE into their expanding 2017 line-up of titles and to welcome this exciting new series debuting April 2017, Scout Comics had a one-on-one talk with Solar Flare writer and creator, James Haick.

So, James, where did you get the idea to create a comic about a massive solar flare hitting the Earth?


Believe it or not, I actually got the idea from a Discovery Channel special that I watched about six years ago while I was vacationing in North Carolina. When the special was over, the first thing that popped in my head was what would I do if a solar flare hit right now? How would I get home back to Florida? I then started to jot down all the ideas I had until it eventually became Solar Flare.


How much research did you do on the science of solar flares before writing the story or are you just making it up as you go?


I did a ton of research online and studied for about a year before I started writing. If you go to my website,, I posted the links of some my favorite websites I used. 


This is your first comic series to be published. What made you decide to get into writing comics? How different is this compared to your day job and would you recommend it to anyone else who is tempted to get into the comic book industry?


I’ve been a comic fan since I was 8 years old. Unfortunately, I have no artistic talent when it comes to drawing. I can’t even draw a circle correctly (they always turn out to look more like ovals). I’ve also have a wild imagination. One day the thought came across my mind that I should give comics writing a try. I took a few writing courses and read a few books (Story by Robert McKee, Intro to Comic Writing by Mark Kneece) to help me along the way. Writing comics is completely different from my main profession. I’ve been a financial advisor for the past 15 years helping people with their investment and insurance needs. Owning my own practice allows me the time and resources to follow my dream to be a comic writer. I’m in this for the long haul. I found that one of the biggest similarities between the two professions is that you have to think of creative ways to market yourself in order to be successful. With Solar Flare, I came up with the Solar Flare Survival Kit that I sell on my website and at comic conventions. It’s a backpack that contains not only the comics, but some cool Solar Flare themed survival swag. We have first aid kits, multi-tools, and even cozies! I mean, who could survive an extinction level disaster without a cozie to keep their drink cold?


Like a lot of comic creators today, the Solar Flare team is spread out all over the world. How did you find the rest of your team? Any special tools or methods you use to make the communication and collaboration work? 


I found my team through the website Deviant Art. I posted an ad in the forums and narrowed it down respectively. We corresponded through email and Dropbox and it has been very easy despite being in different time zones. Modern technology is wonderful.


So, if you had a chance to tell someone what Solar Flare is about, how would you go about explaining it?


Solar Flare is a modern-day story where a massive x-class solar flare hits Earth wiping out all electronics and electricity. It’s all based on real science that has happened before, and can very well happen again. Our story is about Jake Clifford and his close friends. Jake’s main goal is to travel from FL to TN in this new electronic-less world to reunite with his daughter. Jake’s scientist friend, Dr. Jerry Wilman, recruits Jake to help him get to a secret military base that is on the way to TN. This compound is going to act as ground zero in re-establishing the countries electrical infrastructure. Society as whole starts to unravel quickly right before their eyes, making their journey more and more dangerous with every day that passes.


Solar Flare is published monthly beginning in April 2017 by Scout Comics and is available to order with Diamond code FEB171845.




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  1. Barry W says:

    I am really glad I have pre-ordered these from a reliable online store!! Sounds amazing, especially the fact that the science of it is based on real world science. And potentially this could lead to so many different characters and story lines down the line.

    Given me hope too, being in the same field as James IRL, maybe I too can get that comic idea written up and published one day!!

  2. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Good interview. Loved that he went through Deviant Art to get a lot of his crew. There are many artists on there that contract out stuff to comics, and you get to see a lot of their non-contracted art through that site.

  3. A. King says:

    I can’t wait for this series to get re-released by Scout.

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