Wednesday Winner: God Country #1 2nd Print

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up the latest issues. It is even sweeter when by the end of the day they are selling for multiple times cover price, God Country #1 2nd print is one of those books.

No surprise, as we told you second prints tend to have a smaller print run, and throw in the fact that the cover had new art, this one was sure to get fans and speculator attention. There are currently 8 listings on eBay for God Country #1 2nd print, with list prices as high as $19.99 (however there is one seller who still has 21 copies left to sell at $9.99, they have sold 42 copies at that price already.)

Recently closed have closed for up to $13 and seem to be pushing up. As per usual, the cheaper copies have already sold out.




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31 Responses to Wednesday Winner: God Country #1 2nd Print

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I pre-ordered a copy but I picked up two extra copies today at the shop. I might hold these, I have a funny gut feeling these have more potential down the road.

  2. Barry W says:

    Someone has listed five copies for £8.99 with BO over here, no sales yet at above cover

  3. Zachery S. says:

    Most of the copies my LCS had were wrecked, save for the pristine one I managed to scoop up.

  4. Clark says:

    Just saw 8 in a store and upset I didn’t get more than 1 went to another store and they ordered none. God country 2 awesome read

  5. JayClue says:

    I find that so strange. I had 3 copies of #1 cover A, and it took 2-3 weeks to sell 1 copy for $20. That was 3 days ago. Now 2nds are already going for close to that. Not complaining. Just observing.

  6. A. King says:

    I pre-ordered one and picked up another one today.

  7. john dye says:

    LCS had 10 left. Picked up 4 – sweet!!

    • Barry W says:


      • john dye says:

        Yea I live in South Texas and there are on Three LCS’s here. All sell tons of Marvel and DC titles. Rarely can u find Indy Books. Such a shame. The place where I got these is finally showing some love. I would have gotten more but I gotta eat lunch. I’m sure the remaining six wont last.

  8. Jesus says:

    Nice…. was able to get 2. And I’m like Poyo, I am going to hold on to them. Unless I find more tomorrow lol.

  9. Dewayne Scott says:

    Feeeling like a Winner on this one. Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. Richard Sean says:

    So my comic book store has like 50 of the 2nd prints. How many should I buy and try to move? Any advice anyone?

    • Barry W says:

      I’d get at least ten, thats only $30 ish and you would get a return for your investment immediately if you flipped only two or three.

    • loganfield says:

      All that you can comfortably afford. For cover price, it’s a no brainer, and the title has really strong reviews and could have legs for years. The 2nd print should have a much lower print run that 1st print too. I’ll buy 5 from you @ $5 each + shipping if you pick some extras up!

    • Anthony says:

      All of them if they let you. What area are you in?

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      • Richard Sean says:

        I’m in San Diego California area looks like I’m about to buy quite a few haha. I was able to get a Gamora Michael Cho variant as well. So it’s a pretty good week for me.

      • Anthony says:

        Sounds like it. I love hearing good scores.

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    • agentpoyo says:

      It’s first day, limit yourself to give others a chance. Today though is a new day.. people had their chance yesterday, buy as many as they allow you. 🙂

  11. J.Dan Patane says:

    Well dammit, my LCS has plenty but are limiting 1per customer.

    Hard to complain though. Earliest I can get to the store is 4pm and those books prob would have been long gone by the time I got there if not for the limit.

  12. The Authority says:

    Loving Cover 1A, 1 2nd print, and 2B. All of these are worth picking up. I expected numbers to have been announced at this point in the month. Anyone want to guess distribution numbers on issue #1 ?

  13. Barry W says:

    No real heat over here yet, only one sold at £9.99 so far. Not feeling too disappointed from a quick flip perspective, but down the line this may do a WD #100 2nd print and then I’ll be hacked off I only got one lol

  14. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    i need to make a field trip to a few shops . I have been dealing with medical issues all week. Ididn’t even get toread supersons yet. blind adam out

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