God Country #1 2nd Prints Signed by Donny Cates

With all the confusion that has been going on for me at the moment, I was surprised I was able to sneak out for this. God Country writer, Donny Cates was in town today for a signing. I had already grabbed 15 copies of the second print of God Country and had them and some first prints signed.


Donny is very excited for his upcoming book Redneck.

I am making 10 available for sale. Let me know if you are interested in one. Apopcomics@gmail.com


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25 Responses to God Country #1 2nd Prints Signed by Donny Cates

  1. john dye says:

    Wow what an honor to meet him!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!

  2. Patrick Green says:

    Email sent. Thanks

  3. Cody says:

    Anthony, I’m sure you are aware. But have you seen the prices for groot #4 lately. eBay sales in the 20$-25$ range. A buddy of mine pointed that out to me.

  4. J.Dan Patane says:

    I’m in as usual!
    Thanks, Anthony!

    • Anthony says:

      Cool. Thanks man I haven’t been able to get back to everybody via email yet because once again I’m back on my way to the hospital to visit my mom had a heart attack earlier this week. So I will be emailing everybody this evening

      • A. King says:

        Sorry to hear about your mom. My prayers are with her. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks man. She is ok. She had a heart attack Wednesday. Luckily she was at the hospital when she had the heart attack, was visiting a friend. I came up and hung out with her all Wednesday night until they got her in for surgery Thursday morning. Surgery was good, four stents, and her heart is working well again. She developed some fluid gain Friday in her chest which needs to come off before she can leave.

      • Clark says:

        Sorry to hear about your mom hope she’s doing better

      • Shines says:

        Best wishes to you & your family. Hope your mom gets well soon.

      • Vann says:

        So sorry to hear of your mom’s heart attack, but certainly glad to hear that she’s OK now!!

      • Anthony says:

        She is certainly getting there. The hospital stay is going to be the easy part, life changes and all are going to be the hard part.

        On Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 10:32 PM, COMICSHEATINGUP.NET wrote:


  5. Clark says:

    Pretty bad ass. My father in law has dementia Alzheimer’s and it’s really made me appreciate the story and stellar artwork. Such a great comic

    • Keith Gayden says:

      Keith Gayden My grandmother has Dementia and Alzheimer’s really bad hate to see in that condition.I love God Country Great Book,Looking forward 2 Redneck 2.Groot #5 is also selling well.

  6. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    i will add the grute books to this weeks list.god country is a great read. I will email you later. I am sending you positive vibes and my thoughts and prayers withyour mom if you need anything text or call blind adam out

  7. Alkis Macrozonaris says:

    AM I too late for one?

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