Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 42

Greetings to my Comics Heating up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you to all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and surport. I love you guys. Before we get into the comics, I would like to give a few thoughts on things. First,  JLA vs. Suicide Squad is one of the best event comics in recent memory. Just loving it . That Batman #14 Stephanie Hans cover (Anthony posted this a while ago) is just #awesomesauce . Also, the Kevin Smith directed episode of Supergirl is amazing and Harley Quinn Smith has a bright future. The last issue of Titans with the Wally OG Superman race was great. Clone Conspiracy #4 was decent, nice to see Doc Ock be great again. Now lets make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Catwoman #1-4  (1989) – this mini is one key. After watching the recent Gotham. Gotham is just a fun show. Is it a perfect Batman show, no. Does it use it’s toys in cool ways,  yes, yes it does. Catwoman in the show is great. and I can see them, meaning Gotham, bringing Maggie Kyle onto the show in the future. These books are mad cheap. I believe this is series is her first appearance, although according to my google search  it is Lois Lane #70, but then again google can stick it $5 and up.

2. Final Crisis #6 second print –  I am listening to the Graphic Audio book of Final Crisis. What drugs does Grant Morrison use?? This story is just insane. However, in issue #6 spoiler alert, don’t know why a five year old story needs a spoiler alert, (but it is here so be warned) in #6 Batman dies. Batman gets a cap in his butt by Darkseid and it is epic. Of course this is comics and the death didn’t stick but second prints have a great market and this is a nifty cover $5

3. Detective Comics #142 – The Riddler is my favorite villain. I know he only had two maybe four appearances before Batman #171, max. Well, while doing business on eBay I discovered that Detective Comics #142 is his second. If you search, look, and hunt (like Kraven hunting Mary Jane Watson) you can get great deals on golden age books. As I always say, just find the grade you can afford and remember golden age comics are like houses and young blondes, they are tough to find, they cost a lot, and are well worth the money

4. Amazing Spider-man #669 I Am Fan Variant – this cover is from a store called Cards Comics & Collectibles, right up the street from Anthony. The art is by Todd Nuack and was a fan winner contest. It is a limited deal but I have no print run information $30

5. Superman #276 (Volume 1) – Superman vs Shazam. I really believe we are going to get this fight on the big screen and it will be a three way with the Big Red Cheese, the Big Blue Boy Scout, and Black Adam, the Mighty Black Adam is the man. $5 and up

6. Shazam From the 40s to the 70s – Wow, we kids today are spoiled with all the hardcover collections we get on a weekly basis. Back in the bronze age you only got a few hadcover collections and these DC based ones are the coolest of them all. This reprints classic Shazam stories including Whiz #2 (and don’t quote me on this) Marvel Family #1 $50 and

7. GI Joe: A Real American Hero #48 (Marvel Series) – This may have no real spec value. I was doing research on Sgt. Slaughter for a possible interview for my podcast and I wanted to see if he was in the comics and to my delight, this is his first appearance in comics. Sgt. Slaughter was awesome $3 and up.
7 gi joe #a real American hero marvel series #51 second appearance of
sgt slaughter $3 and up

8. Essential Sandman #4 – Ok This season of Lucifer was #awesomesauce. I am going to find the actress that plays Doctor Linda and cook her dinner because that is how I roll. This reprints the first Lucifer Morningstar and is a way cheaper way to buy his first appearance $5-10

9. Super Sons #1 Unknown Comic’s Variants – it is a three pack of Super Son’s variants with two of the Sirens and the Joker. That Joker cover is #awesomesauce and this is $60 you will be able to double in no time

10. Superstars of Magic #11 – DC’s animated movie JLA Dark dropped recently. Gonna watch it later. One of the key dark members is Zatanna.  (I need a cosplayer, a camera and a Zatanna costume, cause you can’t teach that). This is her first solo adventure and is a tough book in the wild $25

11. Mister Miracle #4 – Darkseid is blowing up. Jack Kirby’s Fourth World is just a great part of comic book history. I do believe Big Barta will make it to the big screen plus she made a tape with Superman (thanks to Sleaze in Action Comics #593) thisis BB’s first appearance and shouldn’t be overlooked as all Bronze Age first appearances are popping.

12.  Aquaman #56 (Silver Age series) – final issues are great investments. Most of the time it is a low printed book and normally a resurgence of a popular property makes this stuff hot. Well Aquaman in Rebirth is the best in years. There is an Aquaman movie, plus there was a killer Aquaman unsold pilot for the CW. Vince Chase played him in a movie on Entourage and that movie was the bomb $10 and up

13. Captain Marvel #62 – speaking of final issues Guardians of the Galaxy 2 hits in may. Drax is awesome in the MCU this is the final issue of the first and greatest Captain Marvel series, he fights Drax, and has a low print run. An undervalued issue compared to other books from this era $3-5

14. Spiderman Chapter One #1 Dynamic Forces Variant – remember this turd in the punch bowl? Thanks John Bryne! This is the worst Spiderman story ever. Yes, yes, yes even compared to One More Day or Sins Past.  This one is just a turd, however it does have a Dynamic Forces Variant with the DF seal and all that jazz $2-5

15. Witchblade #10 – so Witchblade is getting a TV reboot. the first show was amazing . I always dug The Darkness and this issue started the modern craze we have today. Witchblade, Top Cow, and The Darkness started this variant stuff for some. This is the first Darkness and maybe if the show runners are smart they will do Witchblade vs the Darkness. This book is in $5 bins

16. Batman Harley Quinn One Shot DF Autographed Edition – this is the classic Paul Dini, Alex Ross, first DCU Harley Quinn book. Well those crazy folks at Dynamic Forces did a limited to 2,500 copies autographed by Paul Dini and Alex Ross edition and it is awesome $75-150

17. Witchblade #1 Wizard Ace Edition – Witchblade #1 was a back issue god for years upon years, then it fell off. So maybe with the show announcement  it can pick back up. The animated style cover of this variant is great and tough in high grade

18. Beavis and Butthead #3 – this is in dollar boxes. Well it has Beavis and Butthead, Mary Jane Watson drawn by John Romita Sr.,  Carnage and Venom, plus that Peter Parker punk. With Venom and Carnage blowing up this should be hunted for,  plus that Mary Jane on the couch image is sexy


19. Gen 13 #11 European Tour Chrome Variant – another expensive variant back in the mid 1990’s.  Am I the only that wants a Gen 13? Could even get J. Scott Campbell to do covers. Bring back the Gen 13 I loved, Fairchild was awesome, so was Rainmaker, and Grunge was decent. Oops, I am writing top twenty and not my fan fiction, sorry guys but
this is a sweet chrome cover $5-10


20. Batman #511 – Zero Hour tie-in. Great Joker Killing Joke homage, and it is cheap $3-5

Bonus Book
Marvel Divas #1 – my cosplay bible, testify, plus John Romita art. Did you guys know Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. pitched a comic to Playboy? true story. However, this Divas issue is amazing and awesome

Well once again, thank you guys for everything. Thank you for your friendship, advice, and support. I hope to see you at a convention in the near future and I will be planning a cosplay pizza party and sale
in New York soon and I will give you all the details.

so now that I fade away I find myself osblete
blind adam out


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