February 2017 Lootcrate “Build” Unboxing

Joe and I got the latest Lootcrate in the mail today, and with all the madness going on right now, still made time to sit down and “crack it open” as he likes to say. Check it out:


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12 Responses to February 2017 Lootcrate “Build” Unboxing

  1. Barry W says:

    Great cracking open! I can imagine Joe saying “You will prise this Lego Dimensions Cyborg from my cold, dead fingers only!” the way he was holding onto that!!

    • Anthony says:

      I cut out about 3 minutes of him kissing the box. He was really excited. He loves lootcrate and that is really one of the reasons I keep getting them.

      • Barry W says:

        Oh, blackmail materiel for when he is a teenager and won’t clean his room!! So cool how you guys have these things you do together.

      • Anthony says:

        Most of the time it is his idea. He saw the box yesterday (I picked him up from my wife’s parents house to drop off at my house on the way to the hospital) and asked if we could do the video. I was like yes, but thinking I had to rush to get to the hospital to relieve my brother from watch.

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      • JayClue says:

        I noticed the cut scene when Joe was getting to know his Cyborg Dimensions. I’m still laughing. I wish I was a kid still.

      • Anthony says:

        Me too. The thing I miss most in life is being young and innocent.

  2. T.J. says:

    What’s the quality of the batman “food container?” Is it a harder plastic? And does it say if it’s dishwasher safe?


  3. Miecree Cannon says:

    What was the loot crate keys?

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