Free Comic Wednesday: Solar Flare Set

We have a really unique give away today thanks to James Haick creator of a Solar Flare, out this April from Scout Comics. Tonight we are giving away the full, self published set. You get the Solar Flare Preperation guide (original self published and the Scout Comics version.) You also get issues 1-6, and the variants for issues 1-6. To top it all off, we are also giving away the Glow In the Dark variant for number 1. This is a total of 15 comics.These are pre packaged by Solar Flare Comics, and at least the Preparation guides are are signed.

I also have The Scout preparation guides, which I will be happy to give away (you cover postage).

The Rules are simple (but a little different this week):
1. Enter your name below, also, if the solar flare hit, where would you bug out to? You need both parts of the answer to qualify.
2. One entry per person.
3. Winner announced on this site and winner will have 48 hours to contact me at a later post email address.
4.Ships free in the US, Foreign winners agree to pay postage (it is heavy to so it could be expensive, but want to make sure everyone is included.)
5. No purchase necessary, but check out the Solar Flare Website, James is a good guy.

That’s it. Good Luck!

Thanks again to James Haick for sponsoring this one. Make sure to check out Solar Flare when it hits stores this April.


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156 Responses to Free Comic Wednesday: Solar Flare Set

  1. Chris Harris says:

    Chris Harris

    I’d bug out to… ummmm … wait a minute; I live in New Brunswick, Canada … can’t get much more bugged out than that buried under all this snow!

  2. Robert Fisher. I’d make my way to Canada because it’s Canada.

  3. Josh Wilson says:

    Josh Wilson
    I would head to the Grand Canyon Caverns.

  4. chfrontst says:

    Christopher Hellyer. I’d bug out to the Russian River Area in the Northern California. Plenty of everything needed to survive rather easily without modern technology. Did it the whole summer of 93

  5. Richard Wong says:

    Richard Wong

    I would go to Hawaii and chill on the beach

  6. Chris brugonone says:

    Chris brugonone

    Grabbing family and headed to parents cottage in deep east tx.

  7. Matt Riley says:

    Matt Riley

    I plan to build a panic room/shelter in my next house, also powered by wind turbine, so would end up there.

  8. Beth Rodgers in a steel mill.

  9. Chris bennett says:

    Chris Bennett
    Lcs basement with some twinkees

  10. Ryan Lane says:

    Ryan Lane

  11. Ryan Lane says:

    Ryan Lane
    At home with a gas powered generator

  12. anthony m says:

    Anthony M
    making a new life at taco bell

  13. Henry Jackson says:

    Henry Jackson
    The Underground city in Seattle

  14. Steven Alicea says:

    Steven Alicea

    Head down to the Gulf Coast and set up shop on the beach.

  15. Cynira Clay says:

    Cynira Clay

    If the solar flare hits, I’m going to a developing nation that has a population that’s used to minimal electricity.

  16. Chris Aronica says:

    Chris A. Im going to Skywalker Ranch. Gotta get a quick tour of the house and all the goodies before i die! And im pretty sure he has a bunker or something to survive in if need be !

  17. Todd says:

    Todd W and I’d bug out at your moms house. Lol

  18. Paz N. says:

    Paz N. and I’d bug out at the hills and I’d put together a Walking Dead-like team so that nobody messes with us.

  19. BED says:

    Brian Davis

  20. James Broders says:

    James Borders Jr

    Ride it out at my house in the mountains with my “Crazy Prepper” stash of food, ammo, water, and trade goods! I’m set for the technopocalypse!

  21. Roberto C. Torres says:

    Roberto C. Torres

  22. Travis Hulce —– Hostess Cupcake Factory.

  23. John Bush says:

    John Bush

    I’d go to Big Bend National Park.

  24. Daniel Hernandez says:

    Daniel Hernandez.
    I’d go to my closest LCS. They would know how to properly survive that.

  25. Brett Evans says:

    Brett Evans. Taking over the nearest big box store.

  26. JT says:

    JT Rodgers. I’d go live with the Amish people.

  27. Mark McCracken – I’d gather with friends & family down the road at the Lowe’s/Target/Harris Teeter plaza…

  28. Taylor Hedberg says:

    I would bug out to mexico, my grandparents have a house there with no electricity and a bar down the street.

  29. Bil Ganhs says:

    Bil Ganhs

    I would surf the waves in Australia

  30. Marcos Esquivel says:

    Marcos Esquivel

    I would hide under my sofa

  31. Jack says:

    Jacky Mayhall and I’d party like it’s 1999!

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