Mel V.’s Variant Picks of the Week for 2/22/17

What Up CHU?  Mel V back with a HUGE group of Variants for this week . Only have one product to promote this week, Power Air Fryer XL, look it up, its amazing. Lets get into the Variants now…..

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #24 Cover C Incentive Variant Cover (Clone Conspiracy Tie-In) Cover C Incentive Variant Cover (Clone Conspiracy Tie-In) – Y’all should know the name by now, you should kow the skill set as well. Gabrielle Del Otto, king of covers makes the list twice this week. I love his style, easy buy for me

Bedtime Stories For Impressionable Children #1 Cover B Variant Mark Wheatley “You Axed For It” – I put this on the list based on how crazy and screwed up it is, nothing more, I am  getting it

Deadpool The Duck #4 Cover C Incentive Variant Cover – Issue 3 variant selling for close to $30, let’s see if the Deadpool trend continues

Elektra Vol 4 #1 Cover F Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz – BILL BILL BILL..Each week you are bleeding my wallet dry, brother… another great cover… very sexy and visually appealing

Inhumans vs X-Men #5 Cover E Incentive Gabrielle Dell Otto Variant Cover– on a lot of peoples radars for a while. Get it if you can, trust me

Jim Hensons Power Of The Dark Crystal #1 Cover B Variant Sana Takeda Subscription Cover– Fans of the 80’s cult classic will love this, fans of the smash hit from Image Monsteress will love this. Sana Takeda nailed the feel of the film with this cover

KISS The Demon #2 Cover B Variant Tom Mandrake Cover – a fitting cover for The Demon. I love it. T Shirt worthy

Savage #4 Cover E Incentive Lewis Larosa Sketch Cover – these things have been hell to find in the wild, orders dip around issue 3, so this maybe the hardest one to find of the bunch

Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #0 Cover C Incentive Joe Vriens Variant Cover– cool VS cover caught my eye. Plus, Chun Li in a bikini, need I say more? enjoy!


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  1. David Bitterbaum says:

    The last cover has a nice vintage drive-in movie theater feel.

  2. Louie says:

    bedtimes stories one is crazy!!

  3. melthemovieguy says:


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