One to Watch: Detective Comics #953 Rafael Albuquerque Variant (or that time Batwoman was stabbed in the boob)

I do not think that Rafael Albuquerque is a bad person. He just likes to draw Bat-Women in compromised, injured positions. First it was the recalled Batgirl cover, you remember it, the one with the Joker standing behind her with the gun to the back of her head. It was torn down by “Social Justice Warriors” who didn’t like the cover. This time, for Detective #953 Variant, no Joker, and Batwoman is worse for the wear than Batgirl was.

This is the image as it appears on Diamond, for the time being. Batwoman clearly appears to be stabbed in the center of the breast.

I am not outraged by the cover, not in the slightest, but I could see some people getting offended by Batwoman being stabbed in what appears to be the center of her breast. I can see some people getting up in arms about it though, and if so, it could mean there could be a run on the cover.


Detective #953 Variant is out 3/22/17 with cover art by Rafael Albuquerque


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25 Responses to One to Watch: Detective Comics #953 Rafael Albuquerque Variant (or that time Batwoman was stabbed in the boob)

  1. Josh Masters says:


    As soon as this gets around social media curcles, it will be “fixed”.

  2. Barry W says:

    You know me, proper full on liberal pinko left wing trotskyist agit-prop, but if there’s one thing I really hate it’s censorship, especially of art. Even if I loathed and detested this cover (I don’t, I like it) my dislike and others dislike should not have the power to have it pulled. But most corporations are chicken shits when it comes to public “uproar” so I can see this one going the way of Batgirl.

    • Anthony says:

      Like I said I am not offended by it. But others could be. DC sees it as her just getting run through. But they fail to see it looks like right through the boob. Who knows what will happen.

  3. Dan Piercy says:

    Laughably horrible!

  4. Before long we’ll be telling women they aren’t allowed to have boobs because the internet is getting mad about them.

  5. Jj jj says:

    First not sure how many breast you’ve seen but it’s completely not in the center, Second pointing it out only helps get them up in arms don’t you think?

  6. Josh Masters says:

    The more I look at it, the less it seems like a boob stab. Not sure if Albuquerque does his own coloring or not, but if not for that gore on the blade and boob, the sword would look like it had been plunged in just below and left of the sternum. The black suit makes it difficult to see. I bet the pencils would be more telling.

    Either way, I am expecting to see backlash over this. I’ll be really surprised if sites like the mary sue leave it alone.

  7. r says:

    the Katana looks to be under her tit, hows that for controversy. …..The Milks gone bad!

  8. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    first of all alberkarys art is #awesomesauce. if I could buy the original art to the infamous batgirl cover I would and I woyuld hang it right over my l.d. chairs I am now going to buy at least twenty to 100 copies of this cover and this cover alone . just so I can mail it to every member of that dam marry sue . I think the mary sue is evil and a bad infulance ont he world . dear mary sue without boobs your babies can’t get milk ? for crying out mary sue without boobs for those of you marry suepeople thathave nice big ones it is probally how you get discounts on dinndrs and all sorts of cool stuff. marry sue don’t you realize books tits breasts whatever anme you call them are a super power are a special kind of magic and boops knockers tits breasts are amazing awesome special and magicall I can introduce you the marry sue and the clowns at one millon moms and any other social warrior an entire club of women with great big fluffymagicall awesome and amazing boops dancing for dollar bills earning a living paying taxes this is a peace of art plus the tit bone is connected the heart bone testify I am so sick of the marry sue one millon moms and all the social warriors I will not say any more because this is a family friendally site . I just learned what family friendally means so I will stop ranting now just buy this cover and if it gets banned orremoved who is with me to march to barbank and protest the protesters the fans of alberkary and the right to see our batwomen in the full boobed glory that our creators wanted us to see them in
    blind adam out

  9. OCguy72 says:

    I’m appalled, insulted and outraged!!!…not by this…but I’m sure something out there somewhere will shock me into internet outrage!…like bald people who own hairless cats! Just not right I tells ya!

  10. A. King says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if, by the time the weekend comes around if not sooner this gets pulled.

    • Anthony says:

      I actually hope not. I support art, this was DC’s intent and the artists vision/interpretation. It stands on it’s own merits. By pointing it out I may have damned it though

      • Vann says:

        Not your fault my friend. You have zero control over any sort of zealot. You’ve done this community a large service by disseminating the art before it may be altered…….THAT is what matters.

      • Barry W says:

        Someone, somewhere, would have discovered this eventually, so I wouldn’t worry Tony. You never know, maybe Rich Johnson will steal your thunder and post about it, take the heat off you lol (that’s a joke, Rich, and any of his sycophants who will go squealing to him!) May as well up the controversy quotient…

  11. Derek says:

    SJWs are a pestilence. Killed the Batgirl Joker cover, ruined the Spider Woman Manara cover, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the got this one deep sixed too. And that’s just with a few comic book covers…I am glad that people are coming to the point of not tolerating their chronic whining anymore…Frank Cho for everyone!

    • Anthony says:

      I love Frank Cho’s work. He draws women the way I like them. Buds Root does too.

    • True. I couldn’t believe DC cowered to the social outcry and had everybody involved apologizing about their “insensitivity”, and discontinued order-able variants for Batgirl for the New52 thereafter. Now, nothing is safe! You can’t count on your publishers to stand their ground and defend their artists’ work if it offends too many people for Stupid Reasons. Personally, I do think the sword in this artwork is stabbing Batwoman closer to the center of her chest, but at this angle it *looks* like it’s her breast; but still the at-a-glance perception of it is enough to make you do a double-take. I hope it gets printed as-is.

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