Variant Envy: Iron Fist #1 MGA/Hall of Comics Variant

My friend Mike at More Great Art and Jake from The Hall of Comics sent this over. They have a sweet Ryan Stegman Iron Fist #1 Variant coming out that is an Homage to Marvel Premiere #15


The cover, available in 3 versions; a regular color cover, a black and white cover, an a “C” cover in full color with Deadpool in the back.


if-mgc-web-banner if-set-of-3

Keep an eye out, we will be giving copies away of this in the future.


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8 Responses to Variant Envy: Iron Fist #1 MGA/Hall of Comics Variant

  1. exclusive variant fatigue says:

    what volume or iron fist is this now ?

  2. Cyber Golem says:

    Sweet cover!!

  3. Cyber Golem says:

    Dead Pool Always photo bombs great covers….lol.

  4. JayClue says:

    What kinda legs do people think this has, compared to the Hulk #1 Homage cover done by hall of comics?

  5. r says:

    blah! $30.00 for this mediocre cover?

  6. Mike A says:

    The Final versions went up on the sites…..they look awesome

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