Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 43

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Wow, it is almost March. The year goes so fast. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you for listening to my podcast on youtube and for all the friendship, encouragement, advice and support. I am very, very blessed to have you all in my life. Before we make the money with comics, allow me to point out a few things. First, those General Mills cereal boxes look #awesomesauce. I say lets start flipping cereal as the Ivan Reis art looks killer especially the Sunny the Cocoa Puffs bird and Batman boxes. I can see sets of these going for $20 plus in the future. Second, why can’t we have a peanut butter kit kat bar? Resee’s is great but I want them square But I digress, if anyone has copies of Betty and Me #40 I am buying NM copies. And speaking of Archie, the actress that plays Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale is just the bomb. #awesomesauce red bull is the drink of the Infamous Iron man #5 is my read of the week, it may be one of the top five Marvel books at the present. Now, lets make some money on some comics, cause you can’t teach that.

1. Betty and Me #40 – This Archie comic is #awesomesauce. Archie drives his car into a lake. But don’t worry, it’s Archie and everyone is fine. Betty and Archie are a tad wet and check into a hotel, then Betty’s psycho dad tears Archie a new one. I say Archie and Betty had the “birds and the bees” talk without Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, but thats just me thinking out loud. This is an Archie classic and must be in every Archie collection $10 and up

2. That Wilkin Boy #21 – speaking of adult themed Archie comics, That Wilkin boy may be the poor man’s Archie, but this comic has the word sex in it like 50 times. A quant story with the poor man’s Archie. Just fun stuff, and with Riverdale on the CW, this could be brought into play. $10 and up

3. Archie Comics #271 – I will pay up to $30 on this book. I will buy all grades. This cover is a classic, is sought after, and the reference is on the level of the season 4 final episode of TMNT (with the “bass to mouth”) as it is the pearl neckless cover. (You can always Google “bass to mouth” and pearl neckless and see what comes up, but be careful) happy hunting for this

4. Josie and the Pussycats #106 – Josie and the Pussycats will be a spinoff, and not that horrible movie, of what you ask? Riverdale, one of the best CW shows period. This is the low printed, final issue, of the original Pussycats series. And Valerie might end up being a love interest for the show $5 and up

5. Archie’s Pals #130#131 – classic battle of the bands two part story. First modern Josie and the Pussycats after the movie came out…. $5

6. Stormwatch #36 (Volume 1) – the Wildstorm #1 was a great reboot. Ellis on scripts is great. This is his first Wildstorm book and it starts his classic run ending in issue #50. I am sure copies can be found in
dollar boxes but pop em on a wall at shows for $5-10

7. Hellstorm #12 – Warren Ellis’ run begins. Maybe some day Daimon Hellstorm will make a comeback. Maybe he can join his wife on Netflix. This run is in dollar boxes and ends with #26 happy hunting

8. Transmetropolitan #60– final issue of the classic Vertigo series. Wasn’t Patrick Stewart attached to this at one point? A great read in trade and some of the issues do well on the back market low printed $5

9. Green Arrow Year One #3 – I loved China White on last week’s episode of Arrow. Arrow is awesome on the CW and they might start doing Suicide Squad stuff again. This series is just a fun read, and without this series, there would be no DC-verse. Testify! $3-5

10. Astonishing Tales #8 – first Cindy Von Doom. The real villain of Infamous Iron Man is Doctor Doom’s mother brought back from hell. This is her first appearance and it is a cheap bronze age minor key $10

11. Personalty Presents #8 – give it up for this comic. No real spec play. This is a snag for the PC. But where else do you get Betty Page, Madonna, David Bowie, all in the same comic book. Nowhere, and this can be found in the dollar bins if you dig hard enough or go to ebay and pay $5-10

12. Batgirl #1 (2000 series) – Cassandra Kane is my favorite part of the Rebirth Detective series. She is deaf and she is hot, but I enjoy her being frustrated when trying to communicate. This series of Batgirl is beloved by fans and I am hoping it starts to see the speculator love as well $10-25

13. Dark Wolverine #75 – Daken takes over his fathers book and maybe Daken is in the Logan movie. If so, then his comics spike in price. Maybe, as Daken in live action would be #awesomesauce

14. Wolverine Origins #10 – Go for the Third Claw Variant. It brings the dollar dollar but the first Daken is in this issue even if my googling says Wolverine James Logan had a kid in the jungle adventure #1-2 $5 and up

15. Youngblood Strike Files #1 – my boy Rob Liefeld is making movies now. At a convention, please ask him about his jeans ads from the 1990s. I think I had him autograph a pair of jeans back during the Extreme
Studios otur back in 93. Glory appers in this issue for the first time and she deserves cos play love and movie love $1-3

16. Thundercats #1 Star Comics– this is the first Thundercats in comics. Maybe one day the Thundercats will get some love in a new solo comic and animated series. This was Marvel at its finest during the eighties and these books can be found in the $1-10 range if you hunt long enough, happy hunting

17. Harley Quinn #15 (Rebirth) of course Blind Adam the Comicpimp will mention the sweet, sweet, Powergirl variant to Harley Quinn #15 cover price for now

18. Amazing Spiderman Annual #25 (Volume 1) for the Venom fans that need every Venom appearance. This is Venom’s first solo story it is a cheap find at $5-10

19. Spiderman Blue #1 Dynamic Forces John Romita Sr Autographed Edition – Spiderman Blue (well if your an Andrew Dice Clay fan then you know the joke) is one of the classic Jeph Loeb / Tim Sale “Marvel Color” Mini Series. Spiderman Blue is a great Gwen Stacey story and is a love letter to the greatest era of comics. This is autographed by Jazzy John Romita Sr., has the DF Seal, and is linmited to 999 copies. $50 and up

20. Spawn #21 – between Kevin Smith producing a Sam and Twitch show, rumors of a Spawn revamp movies, TV, and his recent comics have been decent (Spawn Kills Everyone is a fun comic and goes for decent money.) Well, once upon a time this was the king of the Spawn back issues. This was a $15-20 book back in 1997 but now it goes for $3-10 max. It is a low printed issue, low printed for Spawn in this time period anyways.

Well, once again, thank you for everything. Thank you for reading, listening, and surporting me. I love you guys and hope to see you all at the upcoming Big Apple Comic Con.

Now that I fade away I find myself obsolete

blind adam out


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  1. blind adam the comicpimp says:

  2. Matt Riley says:

    Have you read the Ellis run on Thunderbolts Adam? One of my faves. Great list as always!

  3. Sean David says:

    Isn’t the first Venom solo story ASM Annual 26, and not 25?

  4. OCguy72 says:

    Fun list as always! 80’s Thundercats always need love! Remember buying that one off the shelf the week it came out!

  5. TopherS says:

    Great list! Thundercats has a 3pack with issues 1-3 all first prints that is worth a look and look for the Sword of Damocles prelude ( first Ellis for Wildstorm! )

  6. Mark Gomes says:

    Saw a post that Heathen #1 est print run was 2,913 copies. If that’s true, wow. It’s been getting great reviews.

    • Anthony says:

      According to Comichron that is correct. It is the estimated sales at Diamond. The actual print run will be slightly higher considering they hold back copies for sale on their website and for damages. I can say that it is completely sold out from the publisher.

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