The Old Guard #1 sells out and goes back for second print 

Image Comics is pleased to announce that due to overwhelming fan enthusiasm, Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka (BLACK MAGICK, LAZARUS) and artist Leandro Fernandez’s THE OLD GUARD is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with increasing customer demand.

The Old Guard #1 Second Print will have recolored, blood red cover, featuring the same art as the first print. 

THE OLD GUARD is the story of old soldiers who never die… and yet cannot seem to fade away. Trapped in an immortality without explanation, Andromache of Scythia—“Andy”—and her comrades ply their trade for those who can find—and afford—their services. But in the 21st century, immortality is a hard secret to keep, and when you live long enough, you learn that there are many fates worse than death.

THE OLD GUARD #1, 2nd printing (Diamond code: JAN178369) and THE OLD GUARD #2 (Diamond Code JAN170748) will be available on Wednesday, March 29th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, March 6th. 


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16 Responses to The Old Guard #1 sells out and goes back for second print 

  1. john dye says:

    IDK…i have mixed feelings abt this one. Art wasn’t that great. And I was digging the story. Prob will not pick up 2. Just my opinion.

  2. xman_2 says:

    got four copies of this bad boy now. hope this is like seven to eternity

    • agentpoyo says:

      It’s Rucka.. he’ll go on to Wiebe himself and ruin it like most of his books.. I stopped bothering with Rucka’s books long ago.. I even gave Wonder Woman Rebirth a chance and he’s doing her no justice currently.. in fact, he’s made Wonder Woman suck his writing is that bad.

      • Anthony says:

        I only bought Wonder Woman for the Frank Cho Variants. Then Cho got kicked off the book so I sold the signed Wonder Woman’s

      • agentpoyo says:

        I gave most of the Rebirth titles a chance.. this one fell flat real quick. And yeah, the Cho variants were nice.. then Rucka went and ruined the only thing going for the series.

      • xman_2 says:

        I liked the Cho covers also. I only started buying the Wonder Woman Rebirth cause of the Artgerm cover. But I like the recent Jenny Frison covers also though. I barely read comics anymore, just buy for the cover and art now.

      • Josh Masters says:

        Same here. Then I was picking up Frison B covers cause they were interesting. Finally quit that and decided my 2.99 could be better spent.

    • Kraig says:

      That…..will never happen. I wish it would tho cause I got the one per store variant on the cheap! If anyone is interested in it let me know!

      • Cyber Golem says:

        I agree Kraig. Art is crummy. On the other hand STG has a really good story line. The story is fresh!! O’pena’s art is just toooooo freaking awesome. STG reminds me of a cross between X-Men and Star Wars.

    • Cyber Golem says:

      If anyone is interested in acquiring more of these all at COVER PRICE, call Joe at Astro-Zombies. From what I understand he has tons. He also does mail orders and a subscription services. Oh and tell him John Dye sent you.

  3. rm says:

    yeah, Rucka’s writing can get boring….he needs to bring the RUCKUS to his writing.

  4. Derek says:

    Funny. I ended up arguing a bit about the Rucka-Cho thing with the owner of my LCS. A typical crazy left-wing SJW, he took the side of pretentious Rucka when I told him I was thinking about scrapping the title from my pull list because of how Cho was treated. Instead, I put in a standing order for anything that comes out by Cho. Right now, I am scooping WW for the Frison covers only, but it is walking a think line in getting the axe. Rucka is a POS, as far as I am concerned.

  5. Jesus says:

    Went to my LCS and they still had the one per store variant. Was able to get it for $10. Going to hold on to it for now and see where this story goes and sell it if it does well.

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