Poyo’s Picks for March 8th, 2017

Hello everyone, welcome back to my little world on CHU where I tell you what I’m buying or spec’ing on. Well, sometimes I don’t even buy what I spec or pick, I get kickbacks from the publishers to tell you all what to buy.. I wish!

What am I talking about? I don’t get kickbacks, the only kicks I get are from Tony when I point out his comic addiction denial.

With that said, this week is kind of a dud week. Not a whole lot coming out, so I’ll get on with my picks and dodge Tony trying to kick me.

DC/Vertigo Pick

Deathstroke #14 (DC) Bill Sienkiewicz regular cover. Yes, it’s a sad week for DC when the only thing you got going for you is a cover art by a hot cover artist. Hawkman was hot last week, can this catch on as well? Deathstroke should be pretty small print run and this likely still could be hard to get as it’s likely a) overlooked and b) not a book shops order heavy on.

Marvel Pick

Man-Thing #1 (Marvel) Francesco Francavilla Variant – This is right up Francavilla’s alley in terms of doing art. Man-Thing already gives off that old drive in movie chilling horror type feel so with FF doing a cover for this, it’s one to not skip. A bonus is this series is being written by RL Stine. My kids binge watched Goosebumps last summer and were so excited that I was going to meet him at NYCC but sadly he canceled for some reason, so the kids were bummed.

Small Publisher Pick

Grass Kings #1 (BOOM!) – Acclaimed writer Matt Kindt with artist Tyler Jenkins bring us a trailer park story. Not sure what it is about trailer parks I’m drawn too but I can’t pass this one up.

Indie Pick

I.T. Secret World of Modern Banking #1 (Blackbox Comics) – Not Black Mask, Blackbox. This might not be for everyone but for us techies (I’m a techie, Tony doesn’t pay me enough for these articles each week), this hits the nail on the coffin. I know first hand, with great power (access) comes great responsibility (don’t say anything if you see something you aren’t suppose to see or know about). IT guys have access to everything and it’s the one part of the job we all hate. I hope this book stays true to form, cause I find it interesting. It’s also likely going to be a very small print run. This has Mr. Robot type style written all over it.

That’s it for me.. Enjoy International Women’s Day everyone. And for you guys, I hope the ladies in your life don’t go the route of Deadpool, unless of course you enjoy that sort of thing. 🙂


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  1. I’m noticing a theme here. Poyo wants paid!

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