Wednesday Open Forum



Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 126th edition of the open forum!

That Logan movie was something, wasn’t it?

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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115 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. Brian Springman says:

    Pick ups for this week are:

    Deathstroke #14 cover A
    Wonder Woman #18 cover B

    All-New Wolverine #18 Venomized (multipe)
    Cap. America Steve Rogers #13 Venomized
    Gwenpool #13 Venomized (multiple)
    IVX #6 Bianchi 1:50 variant (multiple)
    Kingpin #2 Venomized
    Kingpin #2 Grant 1:25 variant (multiple)
    Man-Thing #1 Venomized
    Old Man Logan #19 Venomized
    Silver Surfer #9 Bianchi 1:25 variant (multiple)
    Spider-Man/Deadpool #15 Venomized
    Squirrel Girl #18 Venomized

    Grass Kings #1 cover A (multiple)
    Grass Kings #1 cover B Staples (multiple)
    Grass Kings #1 cover C 1 for 15 Kindt (any I can find)

    • I am going to comment on every single comment on this thread.

      I dropped Old Man Logan for a while, but rereading the original storyline (Wolverine vol. 2 66-72, Giant Size) in preparation for Logan, sucked me back in! That Warlord Banner Grandchild was pretty badass and I can’t wait to see Lemire’s run through to the end now.

  2. A. King says:

    Over the weekend I went to a store I don’t get to very often, and I hit the jackpot. I found…..
    H.Q. #15b
    Punisher War Journal #6 and #7 every time I see these two together I buy them, and I always double my money.
    Groot #4 and #5
    Gamora #1 checctto(spelling) variant x2 for $10 each, and one is definitely going to get graded
    As for tomorrow not really looking for much but I’m sure I’ll pick up a few things.

  3. JayClue says:

    That Mattina Venomized totally looks like it is a xenomorph relative.

  4. Eric Ralya says:

    Looking forward this week to the following books:
    Deathstroke #14 BILL SIENKIEWICZ cover
    Grass Kings #1

    Very light week for me in terms of pick ups last week. The biggest score that I got was my local comic shop also dabbles in movie posters. Was able to get 2 different Logan Bus Shelter authentic movie posters (roughly 4′ X 6″ in size) for $110 total. These are huge and look awesome!

    On top of that went to see the movie on Friday and loved it! Easily the best Wolverine/X-Men movie I’ve seen to date. Excellent acting and great storyline. I think what I liked about it best is that it concentrated on the three main characters. i didn’t feel that I needed a score card to keep up with everyone else in the movie.

    By the way, one of the things that really influenced me to see this movie were the two trailers with awesome underlying music in them (Trailer #2 had Kaleo “Way Down We Go” and Trailer #1 “Hurt” by Johnny Cash). The recent GOTG2 trailer with Fleetwood Mac is another example. Does that have the same effect on anyone else? Just wondering…

    Good hunting tomorrow.

    • Grass Kings could go either way. It doesn’t have as much buzz as Lemire’s Royal City and that could either go for it and make it a sleeper it, or against it sending it into relative obscurity within 6 months.

      I’ll grab a copy. We’ll see.

  5. michael cox says:

    Rick and Morty #1 1st print has been selling for 125.00 and up.Not sure why but prices have skyrocketed. Two weeks ago 29.95.

    • Anthony says:

      That’s crazy. Sadly I sold mine a long time ago.

      • David Bitterbaum says:

        I’m holding onto my signed copy of, “God Country,” I got courtesy of the giveaway done by all you wonderful people at CHU for dear life. If it ever becomes absolutely huge and I sell the signed copies for a big chunk of money I’ll gladly donate some to the CHU-fund that covers all the sodas and snacks you guys need to constantly be awake and monitoring the comic-market!

      • Anthony says:

        You won that? I have to reconsider who wins around here. Lol.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Maybe it’s because it was showcased on Comic Book Men last Sunday?

      • Anthony says:

        Well that has happened before.

      • agentpoyo says:

        That’s the only reason I can think of on price increase heat….

      • Anthony says:

        Did you see God Country is a $50 book? I listed a signed copy I had done last month at Third Eye signed by Donny Cates for $60. Sure bet you wished you kept hold of some of those double signed copies eh Poyo?

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’m good… I still made money 🙂

      • agentpoyo says:

        And I did keep a pair of double signed for the PC…. They get high enough, I’ll dump them….

      • David Bitterbaum says:

        (I meant to put this comment here, not above)

        I’m holding onto my signed copy of, “God Country,” I got courtesy of the giveaway done by all you wonderful people at CHU for dear life. If it ever becomes absolutely huge and I sell the signed copies for a big chunk of money I’ll gladly donate some to the CHU-fund that covers all the sodas and snacks you guys need to constantly be awake and monitoring the comic-market!

      • Andrew Cantrell says:

        I was thinking the same thing.

    • A. King says:

      That’s great news. I have been spec’ing on this from the start, I have a few of these along with plenty of the rest of the series . I just wished I would have gotten more of the 1st issue when they came out.

    • David Bitterbaum says:

      I sold my, “Rick and Morty,” #1 already, so that’s a little striking to hear.. I love the show but just wasn’t feeling the comic so I got rid of it for 30-ish bucks many moons ago. Live and learn.

      • JayClue says:

        I did that with my 3 copies of S2E #1. Sold them for about $15-$20 each. I made sure not to let it happen with God Country (and too many other titles, lol)!

      • David Bitterbaum says:

        I sold my Seven to Eternity #1 when it was heating-up but not red-hot so I only feel like I missed out on making an extra 30 smackers. Still, that kinda stings.

      • Anthony says:

        It’s dropped a little since. They were going for $100 but now not so much. I sold some on the way up when the Blank was the one to have. I bought 4 cover sets from my LCS to get the blanks.

      • David Bitterbaum says:

        Now we wait to see if it stays lukewarm or gets a media deal and get super-hot again. It would make a gorgeous movie if they can match Opena’s amazing art (loved the illustrations but the story left me so cold).

  6. Brennan says:

    Well good news everyone, I got a house! What a nightmare the whole process was. We ended up getting super lucky in the end and were in the right place at the right time. What a weight lifted!
    Anyways, on to the important stuff!
    I ordered yet another copy (I’m up to four) of han solo #1 scholastic variant. They keep going up in value and I keep using earned credit to get free copies (job perk).
    My regular pulls for this week are:
    Action comics
    Detective comics
    Hal Jordan
    Inhumans v X-Men
    Dr aphra

    Nice and tidy smaller week. Too easy!

    • Anthony says:

      Nice. If you ever want to share that job perk. Let me know. Congrats on the house as well!

      • Brennan says:

        Don’t you worry Tony, the most recent copy was ordered with CHU in mind….I’ll be in touch when it arrives.
        It’s not much of a perk. Books get ordered, I get a percentage in credit to use on future orders. They almost never have variant comics.

    • IndyKMB says:

      Assuming you are a teacher…I am as well. And I’ve used that perk to secure copies for myself and a few other folks. Problem is, Scholastic shipping is AWFUL. Books will be stacked together in a large box, and you need to expect that 20% will be significantly damaged.

      • Brennan says:

        Fortunately for me none of them have come damaged yet. I’ve been lucky. I’m pretty certain that my last order is lost in transit because it’s well overdue.

  7. Brian Springman says:

    Just a heads up… multiple retailers are reporting that a large number of their copies for Grass Kings #1 (all covers) have significant damage to the top left corners and multiple scuff lines across the covers.

  8. JayClue says:

    Im just gonna rant for a second. Two days ago I bought a book from an online store thats close to me. I ordered the book, then asked about combined shipping for another book I was looking at and wanted to add to my order I mentioned the other book by title and number. The book i ordered was shipped the next morning and my email about combined shipping went unanswered. Today I receive an email from them saying that they do provide combined shipping but they didnt see my email asking about it. No mention about the other book I wanted. I went back just now to go get the book I wanted, and was going to throw in a few more to minimize my shipping costs, when I went to add the book i originally asked about, the price had gone up 500%. I immediately emptied my cart and came here to rant. I know I set myself up, but Ive literally spent hundreds of dollars with this guy, buying useless back issues, and have even met him person a few times to do business. Ive bought a ton of books of this guy and he goes and pulls that crap. What a douche. He just lost a customer.

    • Anthony says:

      Call him out brother.

    • Vann says:

      Since you’ve done business with him in person before, I would counsel patience and understanding before outing him or blasting him. Call him up, explain what happened and express your surprise. You might be surprised…..he may fix things immediately and throw in a sweetener or two. If he doesn’t know the problem, how can he fix it?

      If he tosses you to the wolves to wallow in your experience after you’ve taken this conciliatory step….then yes, by all means, give him both barrels and make certain you shout high and low….

      • Anthony says:

        I recently had the experience, not sure if you saw the story in the comments, where a local shop I have been going to for years pulled a move that made me stop going there. They had two rather pricey variants on the new release shelf on Wednesday that I paid no mind to. His crowd are not normally flippers or spec guys so most people passed them over, to be honest I didn’t notice them either. Doing my normal check of eBay prices Wednesday night on new releases I saw they were going for money. I stopped in the store on Thursday and the books were on the shelf. I grabbed them and asked the price. I was told cover price. I said “are you sure” and they said yes. I bought them and listed them on eBay. Flash forward a couple of days and I stop by the store again, it’s within walking distance from my office. The owner flips on me and starts yelling that I staked him out and ripped him off. He said he had forgotten to remove them from the shelf and was going to do it “over the weekend when he got back”. He checked sales receipts and saw it was me who bought them. I tell him I didn’t know about the books until Wednesday night and I most certainly did not “stake him out” or “rip him off” as I had inquired about their cost before purchasing them. I ended up leaving. Flash forward a couple of more days I go into the store to pick up new comics on Wednesday. I grab some stuff off the shelf that was just released and one recently released book. I go to the register to pay and am told he is going to check all books against eBay prices. I said, “whatever”. He then proceeds to ring me up for eBay prices for new, unbagged, and sitting on the shelf at cover price comics. I said no. I am told again I ripped them off.

        So in his attempt to “recoup some of the lost profits” he ended up losing a regular customer. He told me he saw my eBay auctions on the books. I was floored that he had been eBay stalking me to see what I bought and sold. Said I had been ripping him off for a while. I informed him that I was under no obligation to tell him what I did with the comics or give price info on books. I told him that I flip and buy more to sell. But I was mostly floored that this guy spent more time trying to figure out my eBay account than he did knowing what the books on his shelf were worth.

      • JayClue says:

        I just sent the guy an email explaining my displeasure. We will see if and how he replies. I will call him out here if I don’t receive an acceptable explanation. The same guy kinda pulled another shady move on me around Christmas. I ordered like 5o books from him, one of them being a Darth Vader #3. The DV3 was a very good price and for some reason, he left that book out of my order. I had to let him know it wasn’t in the order and he sent it out about 6 weeks later. I’m not sure if he purposely held that specific key book out because I got it for cheap, or if it was an honest mistake. Either way, his true colours seem to be showing. And Tony, I did read about your experience before. It blows my mind how unsavy some dealers can be. Not a ton of people buy or read comics. If your a comic seller, is it really worth chastising your regulars so you can make a dollar or two more on one comic? Can these people not look past the end of their nose? Terrible business sense.

      • Shines says:

        We had a guy like that around here too Tony. He would ban guys from his store if he found them flipping on Ebay. He ranted on the ripping him off crap too, but my favorite line was that since he ordered and sold the comics, he still “considered them to be his books, and he was entitled to be part of future sales as original owner!” What a goof!
        Of course, he had no answer for whether or not he cut sellers in on back issues he bought that went up in price. Buying collections for pennies on the dollar, but chasing cuatomes away over $20 Ebay sales.
        IRS nailed his 🐴for not reporting cash sales in Pa. He closed but recently his girlfriend reopened a store under her name. IRS should check to see what comics he squirreled out from under the crime scene tape in the dead of night to stock her (his) new shop.
        There are so many crooked dealers in our hobby it’s not funny. Everyone thinks of conic shop owners like the Big Bang Theory guys, but no one would believe how cutthroat some of them can be.

      • Anthony says:

        And store wonder why they lose out to online sellers.

      • JayClue says:

        I just received an email from the online seller I had ranted about. He says it was an honest mistake and that he will still give me the book in question for the price I originally saw it at, and gave me a $20 credit at his store. He has been good in the past, so I will take him at his word. All is well that ends well I suppose.

      • Anthony says:

        Thats an awesome resolution!

    • This is definitely a buyer beware hobby. We need to look out for ourselves to discourage deplorable business practices.

      • JayClue says:

        I’ve have a few hundred listings on eBay at any given time. I’ve had books up there that when sold I realized I had missed a market price influx on that book, I still honor my price and kinda kick myself in the ass for not being on the ball. I certainly don’t blame the customer for shopping at my store. Lol.

      • Anthony says:

        I did that exact same thing when I Kill Giants firs popped. I sold it for $40 when they were selling for $140. But I still sold it. (Had come Way down since then). What a difference a 1 makes.

      • Vann says:

        Wow. Never realized how many crappy dealers are out there. These shop owner guys (gals) are mental-cases, pure and simple. Not only did they miss out on extra revenue, but also future back issue sales (if they knew you were looking for sets of books—it’s like pre-selling them). On top of that, a lot of knowledge walked out the door….instead of insulting you, they could have picked your brain for good ideas and additional data. Now these same idiots can over-order crap issues and blow them out on the Internet for $1.50 two months after the fact. Dummies.

        I’ll share my own crappy experience story another time….

      • Anthony says:

        I told him numerous times when he had books of value in the shelves. He says he just doesn’t have time for eBay. Instead he would mark them up in his shop and never sell them.

  9. JayClue says:

    My main LCS received what appears to be a Redneck B&W Ashcan this week. May be something to keep your eye out for.

    • David Bitterbaum says:

      Ashcans are always fun ways to preview books, and I asked my shop to pull, “Redneck,” for me when it comes out so I’ll see if they got an ashcan and request if it could be pulled for me to read and enjoy. Thanks for the heads-up!

  10. FYI, the Gwenpool 13 1:25 Contest of Champions variant is a ghost on ebay right now. None listed. Here’s the image from CBSI (no other images I could quickly find on google:

  11. Jantzen says:

    Was at the LCS when they opened the doors this morning. They sold out of the Venomized All New Wolverine #18 within first 30 minutes. Luckily i was able to grab 2x
    Simone Biachi IvX #6 Variant
    Street Tiger #1
    Grass Kings #1 Variant
    Redneck #1 Ashcan
    Detective Comics #952

  12. Picking up this week:
    Low 16 (glad I picked up the Newbury #1s at cover a couple of weeks ago)
    Squirrel Girl 18

    Man-Thing 1 (R.L. Stein)
    Grass Kings 1 Staples cover
    Gwenpool 13 (Deadpool appearance could be interesting)

    • Andrew Cantrell says:

      Just curious if you got the venomized Squirrel girl? Was the only venomized cover I thought was pretty good.

  13. Shines says:

    This week I got the Wolverine venomized variant, Action 975, Jessica Jones, GL/POTA Silver Age swipe cover, and….LADY KILLER #4, for real this week!

  14. Shines says:

    BTW, Midtown just listed some signed comics, Green Arrow #1, Teen Titans #1, James Bond #1 (all by Ben Percy), & America #1 ( Gabby Rivera).

  15. Andrew Cantrell says:

    Okay so I have been working my tail off and haven’t gotten to the LCS in a few weeks but we did just have a new local con last weekend and between that and some ebay binging I got the following books for under $55.

    Cable 6, 8, 11, 15, 21,
    Marvel Age 3 & 98 (toxic avenger)
    GOTG 87
    Punisher War Zone 6, 14, and Punisher Annual (Atlantis Attacks with Moon Knight)
    Marvel Spectacular 5 (great condition and got this one for $0.50!)
    Spectacular Spider-man (vol 1): 1,2,3,3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 31, 57, 59, 77
    Marvel Team Up 7, 38, 43, 83, 84
    Amazing Spider-man 371-377 (mainly bought for 374 and 375)

    So It was an old school kind of week for me and was able to fill in some gaps and have plenty of good reading. Once you average it all out I got these books for like $0.50 a piece which tempts me to flip a few and make some money (dang my book hoarding!).

  16. JayClue says:

    I splurged on a few X-23 and Daken Covers that I like this week, to add to my PC, which included:
    Daken Dark Wolverine #1, NM $5
    Daken Dark Wolverine #7, NM, $1.50, cool cover swipe of Woverine #1 1st series
    X-23 #21 x2, NM, $15 for both, last issue of series with beautiful X-23 cover
    Avengers Arena #14, $10, Frank Miller Wolvie Cover Swipe

    I also have learned that I love homage covers and cover swipes and am going to build a collection of these type of books and try to get as many originals along with their respective swipes and homages.

    My Pick ups from the LCS today were:
    Nightwing #16B, Batman & Robin #1 (2009) cover swipe
    Animsoity #1 1:10, NM $20 CDN
    Suicide Squad #13B
    All New Wolverine #18, Reg and Venomized x3
    Detective #952
    Doctor Aphra #5, Reg and 40th x2
    OML #19, Reg and Venomized
    JLA #2, give me more LOBO!

    Man-Thing #1, Venomized
    Captain America #13, Venomized
    Kingpin #2, Venomized
    Gwenpool #13, Venomized
    Green Lantern Planet Of The Apes #2, 1:10 Green Lantern #52 cover swipe (may keep it), $12 CDN
    Deathstroke #14
    Redneck Ashtray x2, FREE
    Grass Kings #1A & #1B
    Sky Doll #1A
    Action Comics #975B, going to build this connecting cover set, to flip

    Thats it for me this week! Happy International Womens Day. We all know that our Mothers and Sisters and Aunts are just as smart as any one of us, so lets treat them all like the equals that they are, and deserve to be.

    • Vann says:

      Congrats on your resolution—-being patient and understanding works more often than not in my opinion….

      • Anthony says:

        I am hot headed at times so cheers to Jay for his resolve.

      • JayClue says:

        I’m typically stubborn, hot headed and very vocally opinionated. I also tend to be a habitual line stepper. But in my old age I have learned to take the proper avenues, and be respectful, until I have gotten to the point of no return. Then 💩 hits the fan. This has been especially helpful when dealing with fussy customers who complain about why their comic hasn’t arrived on the 9th when they ordered it on the 7th. Lol.
        I ended up purchasing All New Wolverine #2, AvSM #1 variant, 5 SuperiorSM issues to fill some gaps and a NYX#2 with my store credit plus some extra cash. I’m going to hold the Wolvie book for a flip if X23s twin ever makes some sort of splash (I already own a copy in my personal run of that series), I’m trying to build a set of NYX for my PC with NYX #3 as my next big big comic purchase. I have #4 and #7, and now will have #2. The rest of the books I got are going in the Spidey PC. More flies with sugar…

    • Andrew Cantrell says:

      Glad to hear you got things worked out with your Dealer. I think you did a good on those X-23/Daken books. I see those blowing up (they already are!).

      • JayClue says:

        I had some strong sales two weekends ago and I was at home with nothing to do so I combed eBay for covers with those characters and bought the ones that caught my eye. I got one X23 #21 on eBay for $15 and saw one in a shop today for $3, go figure. So I’ll keep one of them and flip the other to recoup. All the other books are for my PC, as I am a long time Wolverine fan, and am just kinda learning about X23 and Dakens stories (I got back into comics about 2 years ago after a 25 year hiatus), and am loving them too. I started my X23 collection about a year ago when I learned about the test tube in Wolverine #80, which I happened to have a mint copy of from my childhood collection, all minty fresh bagged and boarded sitting in a comic box for 25 years in my childhood closet. Something about those claws…

  17. J. Coleman says:


    Grass Kings 1 Staples var (my copy looks good)


    America #1 Cover H Regular Joe Quinones Cover Signed By Gabby Rivera (Limit 1 Per Customer) NEXT WEEK
    Avengers Vol 6 #4 Cover B Variant Joe Jusko Corner Box Cover
    Batgirl Vol 5 #7 Cover B Variant Francis Manapul Cover
    Big Trouble In Little China Escape From New York #5 Cover B Variant Giuseppe Camuncoli Subscription Cover
    Bullseye #1 Cover B Variant Tim Bradstreet Marvel Hip-Hop Cover
    CBLDF Defender Vol 2 #1
    Civil War II Oath #1 Cover A Regular Jeff Dekal Cover
    Comic Shop News #1552
    Comic Shop News 2017 Spring Preview
    Dante One Shot
    Deadly Class #26 Cover A Regular Wesley Craig Cover
    Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #6
    Ghost Rider Vol 7 #3 Cover A Regular Felipe Smith Cover
    Giant Days #23
    Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 2 #2 Cover D Antonio Bifulco
    Hard Case Crime Assignment #2 Cover A Regular Alex Shiboa Cover
    Hawkeye Vol 5 #3 Cover A Regular Julian Totino Tedesco Cover
    Hellboy Winter Special 2017 One Shot
    Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 #2 Cover A Regular Stefano Caselli Cover
    Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 #3 Cover A Regular Stefano Caselli Cover
    Josie And The Pussycats Vol 2 #4 Cover C Variant Michael Walsh Cover
    Justice League Of America Killer Frost Rebirth #1 Cover B Variant Mirka Andolfo Cover
    Justice League Vol 3 #14 Cover A Regular Bryan Hitch Cover
    Karnak #6
    Mighty Captain Marvel #1 Cover A Regular Elizabeth Torque Cover (Marvel Now Tie-In)
    Monsters Unleashed #2 Cover C Variant Francesco Francavilla 1950s Movie Poster Cover
    Moon Knight Vol 8 #11
    Nailbiter #29
    Old Man Logan Vol 2 #17
    Paper Girls #11
    Punisher Vol 10 #10 Cover B Variant Joe Jusko Corner Box Cover NEXT WEEK
    Reborn #4 Cover A Regular Greg Capullo Cover
    Royal City #1 Cover A Regular Jeff Lemire Cover
    Shade The Changing Girl #5 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover
    Spirit Hunters #4 Cover C Renato Rei
    Star Wars Vol 4 #28 Cover C Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover
    Superman Vol 5 #16 Cover B Variant Andrew Robinson Cover
    Teen Titans Vol 6 #1 Cover C Regular Jonboy Meyers Cover Signed By Benjamin Percy (Limit 1 Per Customer) NEXT WEEK
    U.S.Avengers #2 Cover A Regular Paco Medina Cover
    Unholy #1 Cover D Stunning Cover
    Vampirella Vol 7 #0 Cover A Regular Philip Tan Cover
    Yakuza Demon Killers #4 Cover A Regular Eli Powell Cover

    Picked up a lot of sale stuff @ midtown this week.

  18. A. King says:

    My comic day was terrible. On my way to one of the shops my work vehicle stopped on me, not on the shoulder but in the middle lane of a very busy highway in my area, in rush hour traffic. I had to wait almost 3 hours for a tow truck , so no new comics for me today. I guess it could have been worse, it could have broken down on me at the comic shop, how would I explain calling a tow truck to the comic shop. Anyway I’ll get some tomorrow.

    • Anthony says:

      Yikes. That does suck.

    • Vann says:

      Should have put the hood up, made the tow-truck call and abandoned the wheels. Cab it over to get your books….then back to the closest coffee shop to your car. Perfect cover story for a perfectly insane hobby!

    • agentpoyo says:

      I’ll trade you days…. I got my comics today but on my way to pick up kids from school later today, got clipped by person who failed to yield turning left on oncoming traffic, which was me. Car is likely totaled and I am freaking sore. The crappy part, their car was still drive able and they fled the scene while I’m off in a ditch with people yelling if I’m okay. Had the dog in the back with me and be got shaken up as well. 😦

      • Richard Sean says:

        Sucks to hear man. Make sure you get checked out if you haven’t yet. Made that mistake a few years ago in a similar situation. Went through the day super sore, only having to spend the next morning in the urgent care waiting room due to whiplash.

        I did get some pretty crazy muscle relaxers though hahaha. But I hope you’re feeling better.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, went to urgent care. Got cleared by doctor. Dog went to vet, got cleared as well with just muscle soreness. He got ultrasound and x-rays, since he can’t talk…. Poor dog. That was first thing I was worried about. Couldn’t get out on my side but people were yelling if I’m okay, I’m telling them to check the dog in the back.

      • JayClue says:

        I’m glad everyone s okay. and you don’t need to explain your comic habit to the tow truck guy. You should put your feet up on his dash and read your comics while he drives you home. ‘To the bat cave , Alfred!”, I would shout.

      • JayClue says:

        PS. Where’s Barry. I miss that chap.

      • Anthony says:

        Good question. I miss him too. May be away for vacation. Hope he is ok.

      • Anthony says:

        I just sent him an email to make sure he is cool.

      • Vann says:

        Jesus……awful bloody day—glad to hear you and your pooch are ok though. BIG jeers to the turd who caused it and then fled.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, whatever the reason that prompted them to flee…. Warrants, driving under an influence of something.. Here illegally, they just piled on more crap for themselves. Yeah, go get your car fixed, pretty sure the police put out word to mechanics and body shops of car description, make, model, etc. I hope they catch them… I’ll get a personal injury lawyer to go after them for everything just to make their life more miserable on principle of being a jack ass and not staying to see if I’m okay.

      • A. King says:

        That does suck. Glad you are OK though.

  19. Richard Sean says:

    I’ve been to SDCC a few times as I live here in San Diego, but I’ve always gone just to go but was not a comic book collector or anything of the sort. So I’ve been thinking about going to SDCC this year but I dislike how huge the crowds can get. Last week I heard about Wonder Con in Anaheim California which is not too far from me, and was wondering if anyone here has ever been and how does it compare to SDCC?

    • Andrew Cantrell says:

      Couldn’t say since I am all the way on the East Coast, but I would recommend getting on their site and looking at pics (most con sites have some pics from past years). this should give you an idea of what to expect. They got a load of good artists and writers there and not loaded up with movie actors so I would expect a smaller crowd but a good experience. I’d go if I lived there!

    • agentpoyo says:

      I prefer the smaller cons myself. Less crowds. NYCC was great but Saturday and Sunday were the worse. I hate being that close to so many people. Artists Alley at larger cons usually have more breathing room as well.

  20. tim says:

    Manthing #1 John Tyler Christopher cover.
    Venomized not found… If a movie is made… could be a hot item!

  21. tim says:

    Street Tiger #1
    Redline #1B
    Modern Banking #1
    Sky Doll #1B
    Deathstroke #14
    Caligari #1
    Grass Kings #1 ***
    Royal City(retailer appreciation, cover price)*****

  22. tim says:

    Venomized Gwenpool #13
    Venomized All new Wolverine #18

    All good pulls for me! Excellent venomized cover action on my pulls. Really wanted venomized Manthing #1, but my comic store was speechless. Grass Kings; Kindt story and Jenkins watercolour art is worth checking and following for sure.

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