Dallas Fan Expo Announces Exclusive Line-up

Dallas Fan Expo has announced their line up for Exclusives for the show.
They will be available at the Fan Expo Store in limited quantities the weekend of the show. Please be aware they will only be for sale March 31st through June 2nd and then they will be gone (while supplies last).

Keep an eye out as we will be giving away a set as a Free Comic Wednesday in the near future. They have an amazing comic guest list and are really proud of for this show, see the full list of guests here.


Love Is Love Variant cover by Cat Staggs

All Star Batman #8 Variant cover by Jim Lee

Batman #19 Variant cover by Jim Lee

Batman Adventures #12 Variant cover by Jonboy Meyers
Regular and acetate versions

Iron Fist #1 Variant cover by Mike McKone
Regular and virgin versions

Amazing Spider-Man #25 Variant cover by Stuart Immonen


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6 Responses to Dallas Fan Expo Announces Exclusive Line-up

  1. JayClue says:

    I just learned that Jeff Lemire is going to be doing a signing at my LCS next Wednesday. Brennan, that’s in Guelph if you’re interested.

  2. exclusive variant fatigue says:

    how many different fan expos harley variants will there be? what is it 3 already or 4 ……lost count

  3. A. King says:

    The only B.A. #12 I would ever buy is the original.

    • Anthony says:

      I know people who have flipped these variants nicely. Each successive one has been more of a gamble though. I have them all, not going to lie.

  4. blind adamthe comicpimp says:

    some sweet variants this year. great guest list as well. . and I say as they make the dollar dollar bring all the batman adventures #12s blind adam out

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