Venom Movie Now On Sony’s Slate for 10/5/18

If you have one, here is another reason to hold on to your Amazing Spider-man #300. had the story last night that Sony had announced that Venom was now on Sony’s release schedule for October 5, 2018.
The story stems from a tweet that was sent out from Exhibitor Relations stating just that.

Venom, who originally appeared in Amazing Spider-man #300, is now slated for a solo movie, with a definitive date and more announced. Completed listings show the book moving nicely, even though it is already a regular seller, with a CGC 9.8 selling for $1500. Here is the first tweet:

The story hasn’t been written yet so it is pure speculation which books it will pull from however a director and writers were announced….

and then the director was recanted.


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12 Responses to Venom Movie Now On Sony’s Slate for 10/5/18

  1. Vann says:

    My expectations are already tempered…..not sure if Sony will be able to actually produce something good….

  2. rm says:

    What he said. ^^^^^^

  3. OCguy says:

    Nice! Bought a few #300’s in the early 2k’s. IF they do Venom right this time it could be awesome! I wonder if this means Carnage is not too far off…Wonder if we will see him square off against any of the Avengers? I’m assuming Venom will be joining the Marvel movie U as did Spiderman, right? Yeah, a bit excited for this if it turns out well! Cautious optimism!

  4. JayClue says:

    Not a good start, IMO. The announcement is one day old, and they have already lost one Director! And I also concur with Vann.

  5. JayClue says:

    PS. Any word from Barry, Tony?

    • Anthony says:

      Oh yes. Glad you asked because I forgot who asked the first time. Lol. I emailed Barry. He is fine. He does have a lot going on at the moment and is avoiding temptation by coming here. He sends his best and says he will be back shortly.

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  6. Admiral Snackbar says:

    never understood why the collecting community doesn’t see origin issues or 1st solo story issues as particularly important but ASM annual # 25 is the first venom solo story. it’s never going to take off (for the aforementioned reason) but it’s dirt cheap and i think it’s a really cool book.

    • OCguy says:

      I agree, but we live in a world where cameo appearances still don’t count as much as “full” appearances even though those cameos are still the first ever published appearances of some characters…like Hulk 180 vs 181… Just the way it is I guess, I just blame the pinko communists!

      • Admiral Snackbar says:

        yeah, seriously. that discrepancy is even more bewildering. i understand the distinction but in literal terms “1st full appearance” is really just the 2nd appearance. but the collecting community will forever be fickle and seemingly irrational. and i guess those qualities are part of the beauty of it. or it could all just be a communist conspiracy.

  7. mistorroboto says:

    Only a year to make it? And it’s not even scripted yet, seems rushed.

  8. Adam Dean says:

    Just give it to Marvel so it will be a good movie please!

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