Mel V’s Variant Picks of the Week for 3/22/17

What up CHU? Mel V. here back with Variants of the week. Last week was very quiet on the variant front but ya know what that means, the calm before the storm, this week we have some winners.. Let’s get right into it

Detective Comics Vol 2 #953 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover – Hopefully this does not cause to much fake outrage because it is a pretty cool looking cover. Sold out at Diamond, TFAW is sold out, pick a couple up if ya see em

Iron Fist Vol 5 #1 Cover F Incentlve Alex Ross Color Variant Cover – High ratio variant could be a pain to find at a good price. Alex Ross always has spectacular work, this is no different. Get it if ya can find it for cheap

Suicide Squad Vol 4 #14 Cover B Variant Whilce Portacio Cover – Just A Great looking cover Deadshot looking good here

WWE #3 Cover F Incentive Felipe Massafera Forever Ric Flair Virgin Variant Cover – WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Legendary Nature Boy Rick Flair NUFF SAID …Great looking cover by Massafera hes been on the roll lately

Elektra Vol 4 #2 Cover B Incentive Adi Granov Variant Cover – Easy Cover of the Week. Its gonna be a tough score. Already fetching nice coin on “The Bay” …good luck Wednesday Warriors


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9 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks of the Week for 3/22/17

  1. A. King says:

    That Ric Flair cover is great.

  2. Cyber Golem says:

    Yea the elektra is crazy pricey on the bay.

  3. Richard Sean says:

    Sweet I have one of those elektra covers on hold for me.

  4. blind adamthe comicpimp says:

    i now need to go hunting for the ric flair variant. I wonder what a ss9.8 would bring in from flair ?? blind adam out

  5. Louie says:

    i like the suicide squad cover too, should already have this one in my pull box

  6. emiobeg says:

    My Elektra came of m damaged. Now I gotta wait for a replacement 😩

    • Anthony says:

      That sucks where did you get it? And will they have a replacement

      • emiobeg says:

        I preordered from my LCS . The damage was some scuffing on the cover due to the way Diamond ships them. He told me that they will have a replacement, but it’s gonna take a week to get it. Hope the book doesn’t loose its heat to quickly 🤞

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